Horseshoe Gang – "ShoeGang is Shady"

Horseshoe Gang – "ShoeGang is Shady"

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  1. Am i the only one who noticed they bit pac ? Boom as i enter the room . All you hear is the whispers of doom.. thats a 2pac line from made niggas ft the outlaws.. Or how similar the intro to this was to the intro of bomb first by 2pac.. it aint about east or west, its about niggas and bitches, power and money, riders and punks, which side are you on.

  2. Towards the end I was like, Dice gonna spit something nice on this beat. Gotta make room for Dice on beats like this.

  3. I'm a whiskey sipper with a viscous temper, mix that with an itchy trigger finger an i'm tempted to end these simple spitters but I rather let my pistol cylinder spin like a fidget spinner aimed at Richard Spencer tell his bitch to cancel Christmas dinner! That was fucking nice nucka Idgaf if you disagree but on some real shit I know Em be listening to this shit, they in the GOATS category! Don't disagree because it just wouldnt make sense for them not to be. Refreshing AF to listen to something intellectually stimulating. SUTT X2!

  4. Michael Voss you RETARDED AF too, lmfao! They have nice vehicles like to broke to take a tour bus, fuck outta here they dont need no bus, lmfao !

  5. Crooked I/ Kxng Crooked contacted Hop personally, hop even said in an interview he wasnt prepared to lose his life in regards to him and Crookeds talk, Crooked personally gave them knowledge so they could expand on it and experience it first hand to gain that wisdom, they are extremely dominate and don't just talk shit they will slaughter like Crooked does, Crooked will straight up DESTROY ANYONE! Eminem even said he gets pumped up by Crooked and Crook is a Vet who owned 4 different record labels including to have signed with Deathrow when Pac disappeared lol Suge Knight ran that label. Crooked is still a legend in my books and is still prominent in the industry and cultural entirely. He is definitely a GOAT who created records in creating Records. One of the rap Gods hands down annnd will go shoot someones face off if need be, seriously powerful. Just saying these mutha fuckaz are at the top with a select few, I appreciate what truly keeps the culture alive, they are deep af, real talk. Pound sign TRUE STORY NUCKAZ! Sutt X2!

  6. I wish Dice would do a freestyle on this beat just to make up for not being on this joint cuz his absence on this really pissed me off!!!

  7. Hahaha… you guys aint gave up yet? You didnt do shit to FV, except bend over for them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So sad that you need eminems beat just to get people to stay long enough to hear your horseshit lyrics

  8. horseshoe didn't break funk volume up πŸ˜‚ jarren blew them out the water with his verse man πŸŽ€πŸ‘

  9. thay didn't break up bunk volume πŸ˜‚ jarren blew them out the water with his vers πŸŽ€πŸ‘Œ

  10. this was fire, but nobody can flow better than Em on this beat, Till I Collapse is metrical perfection

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