25 Replies to “Horseshoe Lake: 5 minute fish”

  1. you are an angler in the best sense of the word, do some hopper & simulator vids Thank You get up on the Green, you enjoy remote fishing and not that far away.

  2. Hi There. Im a Kiwi looking at fishing Reservation Lake. Can you tell me what the camping facilities are up there, Thanx

  3. Does this place require a AZ fishing license or just a WMAT Tribal license?  Just wondering looks like good fishing!

  4. Happy Father's Day! My father is from Mcnary he has told me about the huge fish in blue lake when he was a kid. Maybe you could check it out sometime? It's behind Mcnary by a old fish hatchery. He said his neighbor caught a 32 inch brown and it was one of the smaller ones! My father said the lake is crystal clear and you could see the fish!

  5. Hi brother it's June 16 2017 how is the fishing at sunrise lake this time of year I'm heading your way next weekend and could use any info on your area fishing wise it's a long drive which lake is hot for big lunker browns and bows this time of year tight lines I also have free assorted flies by the 100s for you to choose from if your interested in meeting up and killin um on the FLY tight lines stay happy and fly fish br0

  6. Great job bro! That's a monster! I just uploaded a video of my catch and eat at upper log campgrounds. But you know those are small ones. Great job

  7. Dude you have some awesome videos!!! That's was a nice fish!!! Good job man!!! I liked and subbed!!! I just started a YouTube channel a little while ago. I'm from AZ and I have fished up at horse shoe and around there!! Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Now thats what I call a brown! Keep up the vids bro you have a good thing going especially kick out some Native Fishing Vids! I am an Apache from Camp Verde and I am supporting any Native Fishing Channels I can find! Just subbed and liked! Great Job! If you get a chance checkout my channel and if you like sub back!

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