Horseshoe meadows to Rock Creek

Horseshoe meadows to Rock Creek

here we are and the 91 freeway we are headed to Horseshoe meadows I'm gonna try to get to Mount Whitney me probably won't go out with me because we don't have to kind of here an experience you need to get up there but we're gonna give it a shot car with Martin needs right driver and the backseat there's a newcomer Eric yeah I let the beauty narrate for itself okay we're here is the Whitney portal parking lot overflow we're deciding what we're gonna do we kinda ruled out Whitney after do a couple PCT hikers and talking to the owner of the story go from horse you might have to see how far we can go Eric it's my friend Eric Martin y'all know Martin is Allen Louise and Robert you the usual you have to take come on rocket go to our hi would you call it [Applause] you right now even the cars there now walk over to the trail then we're gonna hit it sent me to a little river crossing here green grass kind of stream apartment across down there on those two let me see him they're pretty sure if you see that I'll zoom in and that I don't forgot golf course we stayed the first night right at that first dirt spot doing the view from different elevations pretty and we have to go up those stairs around the ban across the snow to get to our location our next destination I should say take this out you have to come across here and then be slipping sliding going over hey Eric try to stay with the group okay don't be going off on your self up by yourself this is what we're crossing now to get to that side to go to a frozen lake we hope is there I made chicken Lake frozen it's beautiful oh no one big that knows how to look at my map yeah we got to find a campground I don't know if you see the blue spots in that like to get clean but I have no desire to jump in that cold lake so we have a sasquatch sighting this is my I'm drinking a cup of coffee feet I guess worth cold chicken wood chicken foot what's the name of this lake chicken ass Lake it's either chicken house Lake chicken liver Lake chicken foot leg or scared scared chicken we've gone from steaks and vegetables to dehydrated meals but you know it looks good we got some seasoning cutting Tapatio salt pepper I'm gonna eat that I know I keep the club posting video this is so amazing we just came up bat here when we got a head up to the top right there is where we can't yesterday right there Alan went swimming and fishing down there there's some actually some pretty nice camping spots over there at the base of the mountain we might have to check out this is what would come up so far hard-ass hiking you just lost a member of our party Alan just turn back what a merely feeling it's so easy to go back and relax by a meadow try to find a lake to fish in and relax we'll meet up with him in a few days we're on our way right now to Rock Creek Campground from there we're gonna make a determination where we go if we go up towards crab free meadows or if we just turn back and do a couple day hikes we're not really sure yet this weather kind of messed up our plans we got our permit like six months out we weren't as everybody wasn't expecting this kind of snow so we're making the best of it beautiful country out here though doctor later mike respects our blood and we're gonna go through this snow field Lou that view Susan really isn't dangerous it's just hard to get across these snow fields kind of a bitch as they come making their way down a little snow pouch well man down almost man down man down almost Martin almost got nailed there we go we're on the road to Rock Creek Campground should be a lot PC tears there got about five and a half miles I've done about five and a half miles today so we'll get there and have lunch or a dinner probably find a place to have lunch but we might just stay here and look at this view all day supposedly the lake there's another lake feeding into this lake we got a search party out looking for that if not you got some spots behind us to put our tents up and spend a night this is uh versus probably where interesting we decided not to stay at that Lake the lake didn't have a name on it and we decided to go to Rock Creek for a lot of the PCT hikers will be staying and here's the stories timber PCT hiker for the night brief like this is my damn business you can see the helicopter and you definitely hear it it's landing about where we'd swear [Applause] you she's way prettier than Disneyland about a hundred feet from your camp Exeter 50 that view might be a bonanza we ride that pretty quick there's eric-san over there mine the leases of Roberts this is our little meadow we got a view up through the trees blue sky I'm gonna swing you over to the river that we have behind us I showed you a video earlier of it that's our view from our camp you we just had a nice talk with the Ranger she was very helpful plants and things to us she's got a she comes up here at the beginning of she said beginning of June and she's here until October all by herself today's our day off but she had to do a medical rescue that helicopter visa she was a suit you know that only nice bill she's like 35 actually doing this for 12 years name's Chris so they got pictures I didn't think about it all right hey dinnertime around the campfire except we don't have a campfire Eric would you up for dinner I have the same thing copycat Robert what are you making this is a chicken broccoli rice I put some beef jerky wow that's pretty fancy get some coffee chocolate Louise what do you have we sure do eat a lot different on out on the trail than we do close to home gave her headed out we're heading back towards where she might have to get that Alan and Martin hopefully they might have taken off already we'll see take a little break here PC tears or Jam tears I'm taking a little rest year before we finished up this pass he thinks are hard very hurt yeah snow field if he falls he falls to his death be careful Robert that's where we were that's where we are now we still had to do this a little bit we're back at Hershey meadows long day today like 15 and a half miles hey but we made it nice hike did better couldn't do doo doo Mount Whitney but next time we've done it before

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  1. Great video, Mike. I really enjoyed this group.. awesome adventure with all those snow pack and we still got out safe. Thanks to Luis, Martin, Alan, Eric and to you for a great company, I’d love to go out with all of you again. Cheers!

  2. So beautiful up there… Great trip, great group. Looked like good times. I'm planning on making to Allen's meet up towards the end of July. I haven't seen you all for a while. Saturday will be my 13th straight day of work… Tired with no time. Thanks for sharing, take care Mike.

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