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  1. This video with the guy in it where can I get all the equipment that you have in what kind of wires do we use can you use any color wire cuz I want my make you some of these crosses myself what I see in the video if you had something like that could you tell me where to get some of the stuff as cuz I would love to learn how to make these as a money-making business on the side or I can make him just for the fun of it just to get me something to be creative with I have a lot of color ideas in my head and one of them will be a blue and white for Jesus colors do we need big Clint pliers or vise grips or do they got small ones and that device she was using to bend them give me that too and winter vest that you was using on the tables at little thing where you sit there and it and it holds the thing where you can bend it cuz I want my have my own stuff and doing it on the side well tell me time I like your video

  2. Where I buy this type of nail, I already looked in aliexpress, but I can not find, can someone help me?
    Will it be on aliexpress?

  3. Onde eu compro esse tipo de prego, já procurei no aliexpress, mas não encontro, alguém pode me ajudar?
    Será se no aliexpress tem?

  4. hi my name is Robin! Great video but what kind of metal thing there did you use to bend the nails back? Could you be more specific and maybe show us how to do that too? thank you very much!!

  5. So you not showing how to make a hosreshoe nail cross you showing that you know how to make one! WOW WE PROUD YOU KNOW HOW!!!

  6. I would love to make them.   your jig and the special tool are they for sale?   I want to make them so badly.    Let me know Thanks Aaron

  7. @buffervalley what kind of wire is this. I want to make one for myself but not sure what type of wire you use.

  8. Could you send me the plan or diagram for the jigs you used to make the bends and the loop for the cross. please reply or email . If you r create the a video of the jigs that would be helpful as well. I like your technique may God Bless you and your ministry to the lory of Jesus Christ.

  9. feed stores, cooperatives, any saddle and tack store, general store or you can look up someone who does horseshoeing.

  10. Where can we get the jigs like you have? Do you have a good supplier for the supplies that you could share contact info on?

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