Horseshoe nail hearts and cross. 7

Horseshoe nail hearts and cross. 7

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  1. I was curious how much you charge a piece or if you run a special on like say you by 5 or something shoot me a text on my cell phone if you like 320-420-3760

  2. Did you cut grooves for the Horseshoe Nails on your channel locks so that they don't slip cuz I'm having a hell of a time

  3. The pliers is an old pair of needle nose. I cut the ends off and cut a grove in one side, so they wouldn't slip off the mandrill. I also use a pair of needle nose vice grips.

  4. Very awesome indeed, think I'll give it a try next weekend…..very clear and simple instructions.

  5. Rusty are you giving the nails a good cleaning before you dip them? I have some I made 2 years ago, they are doing good. I do dip them 2 or 3 times.

  6. how do you dip them in the polycrylic without it yellowing and looking bad? I have finally figured out how to make and solder the crosses but the polycrylic is making them look horrible.

  7. I enjoy your video series.  By the way, that dapple set is now called a doming set.  Harbor Freight sells it for $49.95.  Where yours says "Dapping Block" the doming set says "Dombing Block"Could you specify the dimensions you use for your various pieces?  I got the arm dimension from the video but not the one for the heart made from the heart nail.

  8. I been fooling around with set up and found if I put two magnets on the flat of my vice it holds my helping hands steady while attaching the jump ring.

  9. I'm from louisiana about 30 minuets from New Orleans. I know of a couple of stores that may have some nails that I will try to find out if they have what I am looking for. Thanks so much for the advice. You have been so helpful.

  10. I have found here Dimond has nails made in China and Japan. I didn't see where you lived. Here in Southwest Virginia we have 3 farm stores. Tractor Supply is one of them. You may find Chinese nails there, if you have one close to you?

  11. I have some too tools nails that are made from China. I also have some diamond nails on order like the ones you use in your videos.

  12. Kaligh the first thing I think of is where is the nails made? Chinese nails are much softer than any I have worked with. If you would check and get back to me. I'll help you as much as I can.

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