28 Replies to “Horseshoe Pitching Ringers 55%”

  1. Go on Facebook and type in horseshoe pitching association! It is a growing association where we do Facebook lives of our games.

  2. You have to get clay. Im not saying you aren't good, but pitching in clay will tell you your real average. Ive been through this. Also, you are throwing your flip with the shoe upside down. Caulks have to land facing down.

  3. On my second throw I hit my first two and missed the second two. the last shoe moves the shoes already on the stake a bit but never went on.

  4. You can't get your real % pitching 4 shoes.,try it w/ 2 shoes and see where your at. practice,practice,practice is the key.

  5. You may have reached your limit until you go to a turn shoe. Fifty six percenters are good but there are pitchers who average that on a bad day, not just a one time deal. Go to a turn, Youll like it much better. Your average will go down at first, then skyrocket.

  6. very nice court bud…i can appreciate the work that went into it…i read that you were switching to a turn..may i ask which?

  7. Your stakes are loose as you probably know. I have sand pits, but last year I bought 36" stakes, took a 5 gallon bucket and drilled a hole in the bottom of it. I drove the stake through the hole in the bucket until I got it sit in the right distance and angle then poured concrete in the bucket. Works great, solid and strong. And can easily been taken out if ever needed. Good shooting by the way. Get those stakes tightened up because it will inflate your average just a little.

  8. @navnemar Thanks for the response! They are Challengers and I have been trying to turn them this year. I feel pretty good with how they are turning for me seeing how they aren't really meant for that. I'm not yet ready to switch to a turn shoe even next season. I need a lot of time before I can rely on the turn shoe to get me victories on the court. I throw from both sides of the walkway in practice and use it to correct my aim when not hitting the stake well enough.

  9. Nice setup. Good pitching. I just poured concrete platforms on my pits, but I don't have the nice yard around them like you! Are those Challengers you are pitching? Look like them. Have you tried turning them? They actually turn fairly well for a flip shoe. Not a bad doubles shoe for that reason. I used to flip, but went to a turn to stop losing ringers. I'm curious as to why you pitch from the right side as a right hander?

  10. Nice pitching. Dang nice set up too. Although, I'd be willing to bet you would get a lot of rejected ringers if your stake wasn't so loose.

  11. ur good. im just learning but im not bad myself. when i get a ringer its mostly luck tho. any tips on how to make it flip? i throw at 15 feet but when i throw its all out of wack. i just need 2 figure out how to throw distance and make if flip too.

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