Horseshoe Pitching Tips For Beginners-FLIP GRIP

Horseshoe Pitching Tips For Beginners-FLIP GRIP

I don't this is David Quicksilver with beginner horseshoe tips first tip I'm gonna talk about is the grip I'm not gonna go to Funch father because the grip is something you probably have to go out and work on so two things that I've seen beginner horseshoe players do is they have too little grip and too much grip now what I'm talking about with too little grip is they take their fingertips and they grip the shoe with just their fingertips it's not very stable and when they do their backswing and their follow-through the shoe has a tendency to wobble in their hand okay if the watch the shoes wobbly in your hand it's going to be wobbling through the air it's gonna be doing a whole bunch of different things landing this way rolling like a tire and you won't be able to control the one flip also there's too much grip meaning you're wrapping your fingers around it so when you release your you're gonna the last stage you have to do is actually drop and open your hand and if you don't open the hand at the exact moment that you're releasing what happens is the shoe will go up in the air it'll it'll not go as far as you want it to and you also won't be can be able to control your flip as good so what I do this isn't for everybody because everybody throws a horseshoe different so just find out what works for you but here's a little tip I throw mine I put my shoe on the first knuckles I let it hang on the first knuckles okay and when I'm ready to pitch I just I stand I don't have the shoe this high but I just want to get in a camera angle or a camera camera view all I do is I just bring it up and touch my thumb and what that does it it makes me arch arc my my hand and put my thumb on it okay so when I release I have a release with a palm facing up and when the shoe comes from my full follow-through extension the shoe just comes right out of my hand and with the upward motion of the shoe and just slipping out of my hand I get a really nice consistent one flip okay any questions comments please get them put them down there and I will get back to you with any answers and any help that you guys need so please subscribe and don't forget to hit that notification bell because I will have many more videos for beginner horseshoes helping out okay thanks a lot appreciate it have a good day

6 Replies to “Horseshoe Pitching Tips For Beginners-FLIP GRIP”

  1. What shoe do you currently use for the flip, and which have you tried before sticking with the one you use now?

  2. How about turn shoe grips?
    Took me a while to get a good one but maybe you can share for other people out there.

  3. People are wanting more information on horseshoe how-to's, that is not on youtube at this time. To make my point, look at the number of views on this video. I believe your onto something that will prove to be very interesting and most helpful.

  4. Nice tips, very glad to see this kind of thing, your sure can't find this stuff on youtube.
    Thanks for all your hard work on posting videos for us newbies

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