Hot Dog Archery

Hot Dog Archery

well hey there it's a lovely summer day here in North Carolina and I'm out my backyard getting right half a little bit of fun one of my Instagram followers has challenged me to attempt to shoot a hot dog into a hot dog bun so if you follow me on instagram you'll know or even if you've seen that kerboom video that I posted you know that I like to shoot things explode and food and little things like that just for pure entertainment so longshore spike send me a message and he wanted to see me put a hot dog on the end of an arrow and shoot it into a hot dog bun and he thought it out really well and even included a drawing for me you know a depiction of how he imagined it was gonna work and so I'm not sure we're gonna do it exactly how he drew it and to be honest I'm not even sure if I can do it at all but I'm gonna give it a try I've come prepared this is one of my old arrows my new errs are cut down so they're not as long so I have one of my longer arrows to compensate fourth set hotdog being on the end to see if I can get to full draw and stop guys hot dog buns and then fun fact I'm actually a vegetarian and I have been most of my life and so I'm shooting tofu dogs and I know now you're probably thinking why does the vegetarian have a hot dog obsession why does she walk around in a hot dog suit I can't explain it I'm just a quirky individual so that being said let's see I'm sorry I sit down here see what we can do here all right got the hot dogs loaded onto the arrow then he has envisioned me putting the bun on a plate but to be honest I'm pretty sure I'm gonna miss them and I think that I might end up destroying the plate like breaking it so I'm just gonna use the styrofoam cooler to elevate it some and then I've got these are delicious if you've ever tried the potato roll okay so we're gonna put the hot song role right here you so first impressions the hot dog is actually really heavy and it could just be because I always have jumbo hotdogs maybe a smaller tofu dog would fit better but I don't yeah I keep it some full draw with the hot dogs on the end of this so I don't know let's see what we can do okay so after two shots what I have realized is that the weight of this hot dog is really throwing things off I had kind of anticipated it but since I shoot instinctively I've still just been looking at the bun and I haven't been thinking about the fact that the hot dog I'm gonna need to get like a certain amount of elevation to get it up my last shot landed about two inches below where the bun would be so I'm gonna try to look a little bit above and see if I can't get it right this time oh my god three more hotdogs to go see if I can get this right wish me luck well you know maybe like Greg at 3d archery or Jeff at the knocking point would be interested and figure out the gaps that would be involved well it didn't turn out exactly how we thought it would and it didn't end up as pretty as the picture you drew spike but I hope that you enjoyed this video I definitely enjoyed making ya a really good time shooting hot dogs I didn't think it would actually work at all so I was pleasantly surprised and thank you again for the suggestion and have a good day

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  1. put the weinie in the bun. oh boy aren't we're having fun. take a bite. swallow now. hey this weinie's not made of cow. harharhar. have fun gare

  2. I think you didn't understand grizzly Jim's Brummie accent the other week at ETAR when he said archery is all about the fun not the bun.
    That did look fun but what the onions, do have to use a catty for them.

  3. It wasn't accomplished on the first try, but the farther into the challenge it went the funnier it became! I personally enjoy shooting at things that aren't normally found as a target, but a good start is a milk jug full of water.

  4. We all know about the archers paradox but now the hotdogs paradoxπŸ˜†
    That was great!

  5. Well done….I've just worked it out that the hot dog would come in around 1531 grains plus say another 100grn for your arrow pile lol!!! I betcha that the arrow spine was too weak ;0) I believe what you accomplished Flea (how the hell did you get that nickname? lol) was far above what that Greg could have done….he would have threaded it on a shaft n thought "Hmmmmm kebab sausage" and barbecued it! ;0)

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