48 Replies to “Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades – Beta Main Scene Quickstart Guide”

  1. right, bought it. interface and controls were slightly confusing at first. The interface will need some work on explaining what does what on the main menu.

    But once I got the hang of it after about 10 minutes: some of the best €20 I spent on a VR game. Gun models are amazing, reloading is very well done. The ranges are fantastic and the sound seems bang on.

    Never thought I'd actualy be lying down the floor of my house… but this game made me do it.

    10/10 would accidentaly drop my gun again. Bloody grip buttons on the Vive..

  2. Did anyone else notice that he left a lighter [still lighted, btw] next to a bunch of fuses? So careless. . .

  3. what i wish they added was a heli level where u had a minigun to shoot everything also VERY HELPFUL VIDEO

  4. So we can train with VR like, being in battle and using guns? thats cool
    Kojima is like: predicted. XD
    really like you adding some minor details in the game like the safety lock.. thats just awesome!

  5. That is so cool. I hope someone makes a game where you gotta reload and aim all by yourself. Who needs game balance when you got a shit ton of pressure on you because you feel like you're getting shot in real life.

  6. I would love to see online play where firefights consists of both sides fumbling around with their reloads frantically.

  7. How does movement work in an online PvP environment? If you can just teleport around it cant work very well for online play. You cant run around the world and back… I dont know enough about this game to know if that's offered, but I imagine that's the eventual end goal of this sort of format. If nothing else any real single player FPS still needs a journey involved, and teleporting around cant work all that well for something like, for example, Half Life 2, where the journey is the story.

  8. Duuuude… please add a tutorial. Love the stuff but it just isn't intuitive. Had to watch this to work basically anything.

  9. Shootling and manipulation is all well and good, but is there a way you can actually move your character with a VIVE?

  10. Will I be able to play this game without the headset? Perhaps, I could just use the power gloves?

  11. how does the teleportation function work?
    I am trying to make a puzzle game and i am having trouble makeing that function.

    A better question would be how did you learn how to do all of this?

  12. Hey Anton I thought that maybe to reset the scene instead of just having a boring touchpad click mechanism, you could have a smoke grenade that once thrown resets the scene. That way it'll look much cooler and seamless. What do you think?

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