Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades (HTC Vive): MEAT FORTRESS!

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades (HTC Vive): MEAT FORTRESS!

alright guess what time it is it's time for a new update for h3 VR and a look at that it's meet fortress let me just check out my surroundings here and I so alright so we got all stock firearms all this stuff team deathmatch mode I'll talk about that in a minute okay coming soon good stuff you can read that if you want but here we go yeah meet fortress Team Fortress 2 in hot dogs with shoes and angry eyes let me just get all this stuff set up I'm on red team obviously red his best standard alright there's only one mode right now team deathmatch Anton has said that other modes are coming this is the one he could get finished so that's fine you know let me just same health blast jumping on I'm gonna have to try that arcade realistic music on/off that's fine so let's check out some of these weapons oh look at that the engineer obviously oh yeah that's nice you can also slam fire it which I basically hold the trigger down which we will try out let me just stick this baby in here one two three four five six snug so five plus one in the chamber that's six alright so yeah you can shoot off the gun like that let me just see if I can put one in the chamber I can two three four five six you can also like I said slamfire just hold the trigger down and then pump you got a pump the pump the shotgun so yeah let's see two three four five six step one inside oh nice nice alright I'm going with the engineer first I'm not gonna do a horrible engineer impression because that's bad here's the pistol it's just like the engineers in the scouts pistol basically you shoot it off you can actually hold it down for that full automatic fire ah that's cool actually you know what we just oh no I have to change some stuff first I keep forgetting let's go to simulation options and do playful gravity that's the optimum it says you can change your gravity settings but it's usually defaulted on playful I play on realistic but for Team Fortress 2 well there we go lock that into place come on oh I thought you supposed touching I forgot let's see go back to quick belt options just the one notes and tactical sinner there we go all right some good stuff here take this up there everything a little bit too much taken hold 6 it's a shame that Anton doesn't have the rest of the engineer stuff but it's coming in a later update so you don't have to worry about that let's see where else what else can we get this out of the way let's see what else weapons there are oh this is the pyro so we've got the flamethrower I'm just gonna show this off I'm sticking with the engineer for right now did you a little a little flame tank here stick that inside you can adjust the Western we call it the flame or wide that's narrow no air blast I don't think oh there is an air blast yep it's on the touchpad right here so basically if you press such bad there's an air blast you can push things in a while since I played Team Fortress 2 so if I get some of the terminology wrong let's go with a more refined spray that's so nice that's a lot of fuel oh and yeah yeah I mean I understand that Anton released the update early so you might be this might this stuff might not be new so yeah you know there's the axe it's a good melee weapon oh actually you know I didn't spawn the air wrench give me the wrench and that nice sound all right I'm gonna stick that on my quick belt all right so now we've got the spy with his revolver these all have these ammunition the ammunition has names but I don't remember any of them because Anton made them up but yeah whoops look at that model it's a beautiful model all right and the butterfly and I finally Anton added a butterfly knife which you know I wasn't too excited about it because I you know yeah you I have one in real life a little bit that I have a butterfly knife it's a little mall ninja kind of stuff you know admission but whatever you know all right you flip it over if you uh hold the trigger down you can flip this baby up up there we go yeah there's only one axis of rotation but that's that's okay you know Anton will fix that one of these days hold on in a minute let's see how this thing works Oh No all right well that's cool that's a butterfly knife now let's move on to the demo man we got our patented grenade launcher here which is oh pretty cool look at this this is want to try out all these weapons look at the front there no sites on this thing that are pretty usable but you know it's Team Fortress you don't really need sites nice that's cool just put this one back and here's the sticky sticky launcher with a added little which we call it the thing that makes it detonate yeah what it's called put that there you know what yeah there we go she's gonna stick that there all right so we have to pull the charging handle stick the stripper clip inside push the stickies down oh look you have to remove the stripper clip so basically you can fire this thing off oh and you can also hold the charge which you know oh well and then to detonate you can just press the touchpad I don't know which direction but there you go also these come individually so you can spawn unlock this as well and you can stick one inside the chamber there and oh yeah you know I didn't show off the grenade jumping alright so I know this is a bad place to do it in but let's just see if I can do the the arm swinger everyone just a touchpad but I like arm swinger so we're gonna take a little run at it alright nice let me just fire the rest of this off come on it's a little hard getting the clip in there but yeah and I think if he showed it off if I remember watching the video you can control yourself in air in the air so oh yeah you can it's pretty cool oh you look oh there's a meet fortress category alright that's cool alright let me try this one more time a little hard with arm swinger there we go alright I gotta get that down you know if I want to practice my rocket jumping form I need jumping oh okay all right that's pretty cool oh we also got scrumpy it's a shame it doesn't break well maybe it does I don't know I just want to hit anything let me make sure I'm not but I know that's pretty cool maybe you might break when you actually use it against some sauces but here comes the heavy you got the minigun now I don't know where I can put this Oh like right there Oh unlock this whoops my controller just went crazy okay that's kind of weird yeah no that's a weird little bug right there I think Anton will fix that huh hmm all right well that's kind of strange yep that's uh that's a weird bug let me just we set the scene here maybe that will be fixed if I reset let's do this again there we go now it works okay so you got the minigun looking obviously you can half hold the trigger it is a two-stage trigger so if you press the trigger down halfway you can rotate the barrels but not fire of course if you push the trigger down all the way you'll fire so you have to have two hands to use it all right there we go obviously the heavy he gets a shotgun as well let's try the soldier some these rockets I think this holds four one two three four yeah it holds four so you can also do the rocket jumping which is pretty cool oh no the rocket in my hand got exploded nice well I can't do it in here because of the ceiling that is pretty cool I like this this weapon I usually when I played back then I stopped playing what I stopped playing but when I played back then I usually played a engineer so excuse me if I get things wrong with the other classes that's pretty cool and you get the trench shovel whatever it's called I don't know the name again I played engineer so yeah and then we got the medic with his minigun no Matt no no medi-pack or whatever it's called that's coming later well this is pretty cool all right what's cool about this is that I think this might be the basis for like upcoming weapons like a crossbow because it fires a physical object that come on there we go you can grab look at that needle so just imagine if you had like a crossbow or something and you could fire a bolt you know an arrow and it's actually you know there so yeah you know this is good stuff I love that sound but I never well I did play this as the medic as well support classes were my thing you know it was never an offense or offensive kind of player like the soldier or the demo of a heavy was more of a support class kind of guy now the Scout oh wow okay this is the unique weapon there's a little scatter gun lever actions are kind of hard to kind of hard to use so let me just stick this that's three four five six six okay so basically you open that up get two in there do it again alright alright I'll take a little practice to use that but you can also do it you can also flip cock the scatter gun alright that's pretty cool let's drop that this guy also gets the same pistol and oh there's the bat a little bit of bonk action bonk that's cool and the sniper rifle sniper all right this is gonna be really hard for me because I'm left-handed but I will manage let's check it out mmm got a nice little laser dot there nice scope let the bolt out stick the round in I love that sound oh yeah I forgot it's it's a one-shot weapon so you gonna have to reload after every shot nice pretty cool you just don't just use this one last round one-handed now that's pretty cool and you've got the submachine gun this the sniper uses I just look at this looks really nice that is hmm okay it's just it's kind of amazing how Anton kind of uh reimagine these weapons like the stock models didn't have like the internals and stuff so it's always interesting to see how he kind of created all this stuff all right well oh that just disappeared and you got the kukri is this what that's called no machete that that sniper carries again I'm not really a sniper so that's pretty cool all right so let's actually get into the game instead of wasting my time here get the engineer stuff that's c6 get that pistol and of course my favorite the wrench and you know what I guess I will go with a sniper rifle did I lose that round I did okay so I can have to spawn another round here let's go with a sniper rifle right now whoa and yeah let's start let's play some me fortress alright I'm on the red team right I'm no spy I'm no spy spice up my sentry there's no centuries here so I can't wait til the centuries come out though but I think Anton is working on that wait where are the yeah there's a Scout over there Oh let's go snipe this map is really good for long range engagements sorry about that an engineer with a sniper rifle okay I'm gonna get some high ground here missed I really need to optimize my quick bolt loadout my shot boom gotcha yes another engineer its arrival I must take him out no he's already dead alright let's go some close quarters combat here oh nice these bad guys I'm getting some good hits here this is a good guy bad guy this is a bad guy no those are my guys Oh get over here I just want to I just want to shoot that minigun oops oh we got a scout gotcha give me give me that rocket launcher little tiny sausage rocket launcher look at that nope only one shot scouts to faster me I got some backup fellow engineer thank you that's one of my guys we got a pyro No somebody shot him nope Oh No was not empty oh no what happened Oh headshot is that my guy nope that's their guy blow your head off just for good measure oh no fellow engineer all right I'm out of ammo come on engineer oh no that's a soldier huh put those engineer scouts too fast all right you know what let's change the load out a bit let's go with the pyro spawn lock this let me just adjust this there we go I don't know where to put this fire axe okay I'm not gonna use the shotgun I'm just gonna use the flamethrower no rocket jumping it I'll get to that in a minute roast whoa someone rocket jumped me just don't take myself here No heavy oh no he's still alive no you're dead you're the little which we call it the Pyro's taunt [Laughter] whoops oh wait that's my guy friendly fire yeah widen my spread here just going to spawn camp well actually I forgot about the air blast my weapon is gone that is not good I don't know where my weapon went hmm so dark I don't know we're always gonna air blast some people you know what let's reload all right let's try the soldier I want to try some rocket jumping and let's grab this no I can put this here okay hmm two three or let's try some rocket jumping Oh without bounds here two three got him I tried got this is this is cool I love this no I didn't mean to do that demo Oh somebody shooting at me No Oh got a sniper over there I scratch your nose sucks room too oh here we go I landed on the roof got one two three four whoops who's shooting at me huh got spy right there boom catch an engineer it's kind of hard to aim this thing without actual sights but you know you just spam the Rockets this sniper man I need to find some other high ground I think we can make it up there oops Oh No meat shot all right well oh this is not good I need to run back control myself again you have a little air control when you're when you're in when you're in the air I can reload here rocket jumping is so fun I just thought yeah there we go okay here we go gotcha fire two rounds top it off we got a it's baddies over there overall got them to Rockets 101 to pyro there's a slight arc oh I died all right well that's enough of the rocket launcher let's try the sticky launcher it'd be really hard to insert the clip come on yeah Oh there we go this is so good Oh No find cover hmm okay I forgot I can rocketjump let's see a grenade jump I better get out of here I better get out of here Oh No Oh No who shot me Oh got a soldier over there Oh oh I died that's fun all right oops all right time to get the movie the minigun oh that's a problem that needs to be fixed let's try that again yeah my arms getting tired gotta find those blues where are they you gotta keep this barrel oil spinned up well taken cover what pyro still full lid I finally got how to reload this thing properly there we go see it's really fast what'd you learn stuck on the little slab there Oh hit my wall I need to not move next to my wall here oh no I'm stuck put in a new magazine there we go you know it's surrounded by the die here uh-huh his gun is stuck to my gun get over here that's where they spawn out of all right cool one of the spawn points at least I think they're multiple nobody out of here no noobtube come on soldier let's go whoo we got some bad guys up there Oh these spiral ramps are just killing me within my accord oh I'm getting tangled up catch you got some oh they're over here with death from both I don't know any heavy lines so this method kills babies no no I can't do it my voice isn't deep enough it's actually pretty fast to reload this I was kind of concerned it was gonna be really hard alright all you do is pull it out put it back in that's it it's really fast get on that again is that my team I think that's my team can't really tell yep no that's my team all right oh man I am getting tired just uh playing some VR yeah that's a bad guy come on suppress them suppressing fire oh man be nice if I could jump well you know I don't me I didn't I didn't bring any explosives I give this rocket jump across this chasm Scout the heavies natural nemesis spy engineer oh he's in cover go down there whoa No he's gonna keep this spooled up you know this is how fast the heavy movies in the game alright I'm gonna try another class here let's reload the scene what I have what haven't I tried yet I did a little bit of sniper the Scout oh man yeah this is gonna be tough well actually not really hold on six right one two three four five six six actually no more no okay so six is enough I can just do this little flip cock yeah no I'm gonna do that reloading them is gonna be pretty hard there we go this is fast all right is the fast character I forgot that the characters have individual speeds well at least I think so me too here we go oh no I didn't do this one all the way there we go just gonna run keep running oh no this one is out of ammo I guess father let scouts dad will is tiring whoops there we go hard aiming this thing reload oh I didn't bring this Scouts baseball bat oh no I'm out grab the other one see your weapon have to whom huh whatever you looted this alright not my type of a character you know too close to the wall there so ya gonna try something else let's see the minigun alright yes I think this will be the last before I take a break because man this is tiring that's scout you know moving around like that maybe uh maybe tired I need a break where are the bad guys oh no come on is that the sniper i heard of whoa no medic fight they're coming out of there that's the spawn point Oh gotcha have you right there yes with a shotgun trying to kill me let's go No catchphrase know-it-all shoot your rocket at me by miss you tuna face multiple times let it fight gotcha it's not bad a weapon actually pretty powerful except for the spy he's got like that bulletproof head but I managed to kill him anyways so that's a he's gonna spawn camp that's guys over here oh oh that's my guy let's go heavy and I don't have a medi-pack to heal you with but I'm right behind you it's wrong with your gun oh here you go it was like why are you pointing it behind your head well I don't think I can reach that borrow I think I might have gotten him Oh No heavy No that I'm gonna die oh I died well that's about it for now yeah oh I didn't try the spy right that's just a revolver I mean it's not really it looks good but I'm gonna try that next time and it's of course I'm left-handed so it really sucks using you have to flip it around and sounds of battle echoing yeah so I'm not really a fan of revolvers in general so can use it damage but I might I might try it later on if I do another video on this yeah so tired meet fortress out now for a stove er oh man whoo that's uh it's tiring but it's fun all right well play this next time

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  1. Well, my vive stopped working right before this released so I guess this will have to hold me over for a while.

  2. Glad to see you got a video out so quickly, can't wait for the new modes but I also hope the "sandbox customization" is still a plan too. I want to be able to run around with only the spys watch and knife in a 1v16 match of exclusively snipers.

  3. I don't know why but watching left-handed people in VR stresses me out. Nothing wrong with being left handed of course, but it just feels so unnatural to watch for me.

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