Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades on HTC Vive VR Review by UKRifter of VRSpies

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades on HTC Vive VR Review by UKRifter of VRSpies

hello there youtubers and it's me and I finally got a decent microphone as you can see it's a clip-on one and now you can hear my voice which must be lovely for you now I'm going to be playing hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades which is a fantastic little tech demo from Russ limited so it's going to go ok so I've got some options here I've got load arcade so this is basically a demo that seems to be growing inside every time I have a look at it you've got Arizona dueling loading door range load arcade experiment 1 rep warehouse range and grenade skeeball that's new haven't seen that before try this briefly the other day so let's just have a little look ok so my controls are in front of me which is always reassuring I apologize if you can hear my squeaky floor still so really this is what this is really like is essentially well like a shooting range and the way these these guns work is all is all very different so I can pick it up and then fire but of course I can't via I have to actually open it and that in itself is a little bit of a challenge so you have to do certain things to you know pop out bullets you have to pick up individual bullets put them in you might be thinking well this is a bit boring it's actually not it's actually incredibly fun it's as fun as going to an actual shooting range because you genuinely feel like like you're loading a gun and you're not having to just you know click a button and it auto reload to actually going through the manual process of what it must be like to stick bullets in the gun and you know flip it closed drop it on the floor because you try and look cool to impress to impress the girls that are around you and then you're trying to reach a gun which is through a physical object and you can't and then you're just feeling silly after that point ok let's just see what can do so I can tell the poor which is good I can also retrieve objects like that so actively I can retrieve that object like so oh sorry haha see I shouldn't be anywhere near a shooting range this is very clear so I'm just kind of shoot at that over there and are you looking down the barrel sight i'm lining up the other side just as I would if I was shooting go again is it is it yes it is it's empty so I click to the side flick it open and then I have to eject the bullets like that by clicking a little Egypt and bullet doohickey I'm not American so don't know Matt guns sorry America that was a bit of a bit of a slight but I don't not even our policemen carry guns as we're very comically known there you go so it's just fire off a couple more rounds as it's so enjoyable okay so i don't know there's other things you can do and it's not very logical as charged these shoots own further away let's try and really get my aim in now no no no come on seriously so wrong with his company that's probably about right though you know i am basically not very good at shooting guns i would imagine so i'm going to pick up this one some kind of Baretta is that right is it a Beretta do I know about guns right okay let's pop this clip in well that that's probably accurate as well let's be honest okay there you go oh no no no no no back in alright so that was logical let's go for the mid-range well I'm doing well on time at least I can eject it in a cool way can I do this I can oh no I don't wanna do that see this is very confusing just bang on the table all right there we go so high they go whoa sorry sorry if someone standing next to me in shooting range they would most certainly be dead well let's see what can actually hit this thing oh I'm aiming too high I've got my in now I'm doing right now because ok done with that gun just cast it to one side ah dynamite of gloss dynamite so I'll pick up this thing and oh this is matches I want a lighter oh maybe not just skip it across the table oh no I know you just dip your thumb just like you would a normal night sure it's actually incredibly intuitive that I remember pick it up do it your thumb you want to close it you flip it back they go it's like like being in a club in the nineteen everyone had a zippo lighter oh I told wasn't really thinking there Oh blimey that was a big bang okay I think I've done this level so I'll do let's go a knife look at another level how do I get out not actually sure oh here we go reset scene so I can reset scene like that which obviously puts on my guns back which is kind of cool or i can go back to the mainland or i can teleport so i can go way over look at that so if i wanted to get that that guy after all get a bit closer to and cheat that's kind of cool so it's got the same sort of teleporting as in the lab which isn't terrible it's just incredibly immersion breaking let's go back to the main menu so let's try next one so we just did Arizona dueling let's have a little look at the indoor range now it's called her hot dogs what is it called hot dog horseshoes and hand grenades yeah okay so what we got here we've tried those two guns of me so that's a new looking one I don't know what that is so I don't know actually not a barista wouldn't know oh come on seriously well im bored of that one aha I look at this thing okay this looks quite confusing okay well let's let's try so clearly i need to put on these clips in in like that i would imagine i need to lotus in some way no it's a safety on whoa yes there was ok so i think we have to dial in the number of feet away i wanted so i'm going to go for 50 feet and then the dot erica is that so oh I can hold that as well that doesn't really help me I you know I need I need a sight as if that's going to help me all right whack that on ok let's just see if I can hit the sink god that's amazing it really does feel like I'm looking down the barrel of a gun its side of a gun I like that a little bit of feedback you get by bracing into controllers which is very nice now what here we go I'm not a bad effort not a bad effort let's reset the scene let's try that again so I'm going to go for 50 feet again and I'm going to use this gun I'm just going to try it with these iron sights instead okay we go so I've got an iron sight down there that's going to be a bit of a tall order but you know I like a challenge oh it's that one in it course is and I'm going to go for burst mode because I need all the help I can get here we go it's oh look at that it's probably going to be a little bit more haphazard oops oh that's too bad quite proud of that take that home and show my mum ah fantastic all right yeah all right let's go and have a look at the menu because who else we've got in this absolutely amazing this will take demo so we've done the indoor range and now we need to do the experiment number one hope this is working one like it's a new mic it's got our left and right channels on it so you can hear me looking to the left and looking to the right oh look swards of justice oh I'll put this down hmm all this a very high-tech looking device over here oh look I've actually done the shape of my rib which is quite interesting is that reminds me now that the computers in that direction so that I now don't get lost because I put that way a little shape over there where it's off fades off into my attic so I'm just going to pick this up I've got laser sight cool advanced no no I would want beginner it is so good work weight-wise beginner over here I'll beginner as in that's got in for damn right okay so i can pick up one of these put it in here so i'm not stupid you sound stupid that's very rude infinite ammo that's going to help me hey we're ready to go right how do I start press the orange 10 targets incoming okay okay where I all right another ZZ more targets incoming they're not zombies for their giant square blocks and that's somehow terrifying some hell terrifying go away from me square blob oh go we've got me I really should concentrate and look around me my fov is not good hey targets incoming Oh coming from that way I say I goat so this could be a clue as to which direction they're coming from so I've got to I've gotta hurt this sort of spam to the car I'm gonna hold it gangster style so I'm going to be coming that way now I need to be able to switch weapons in a minute I think that would be rather cool lets your wheel baby Oh oh ho huh oh what's wrong with this one oh ok ok I'm sure we'll big thank goodness that was exhausting target incoming just there ok I can handle that yeah baby we did good we did we got all the bad blobs right that sounds like something else so we did Julian I'm facing the wrong way now and I haha it's not easy to get disoriented hello over there so we did indoor range we did okay now we've got warehouse hey grenades he really shouldn't leave these around in my presence well let's see now pin yes now what oh cool i was guys right what would do that one exciting isn't it now as i remember plate i figger played this one this one's got a kind pop-up pop-up targets and whatnot there we go number of targets distance wise let's go for 20 what hello okay hey like a match my ass in your face haha hilarious pub jokes come on come on like man I'll wrong side there we go right where are you that's not bad for oh right what if I got to shoot with oh baby oh yeah hail to the king baby name the film once that's not working ah well that went well shotgun open click yeah got it one shot to shot this it's not because this is like not a good demos because I'm a little bit of net and cack-handed now there we go just a bit more of a flick ah there's something very satisfying that this game something very satisfying unfortunately I'm gonna have to reset scene because I got rid of my really cool cool weapon over there it's a little look at that again let's see if I can do this system so open it pop in that flip it there we go right that was cool all right it's not very intuitive that's what I like about it uses the controllers extremely well oh wow that was cool hey look there's a hot dog and hang relate haven't seen any horse shoes and some blind no horse shoes visible at this time what's it Robert the horse what else we got Winston the cow excellent you sound a bit depressing Winston the cow we've got sir Fred the pig haha hilarious and we have Jerry the lemon oh my god what's that Otis the Sheep predictable okay what's this tear gas just pull it out and find out what enough oh wellz cool I want another nice let's pull this one out there are very satisfied well we got here Bernard is get your lovely daughters not at all explosive moment he's been arms up oh it was explosive after all nothing all that was very explosive probably more explosive than the bananas ok so I'm over the other side of rodents Warner over toward the computer area I'm touching the desk and now I feel I can't reach that thing over there unfortunately because of my dream scale the space i'm currently in at least it is not very good i'll have to be honest and I do have a solution don't worry I've got a cool solution I'm going to move my whole computer down into my big space downstairs once I get there okay from the wife that might not happen of course all right let's have a little look at what else we got here so we've done the warehouse now we've got this one load grenade skeeball I don't know what this is but let's give it a go ah my goddess look so cool all right okay I get the idea I get the idea so I'm popping these out just make sure what I've got a decent throwing area okay that was a bit I just forgot e to throw that a bit harder Oh No dark when did that go hmm I'm doing rather well on time what what uh-uh now that was satisfying very satisfying okay let's try this again computers over there hello and try to remember where I am you'll be good if there's like a little dot where the computer was if you could configure that oh gosh let's get that come on this isn't very entertaining at all come on but uh marvelous yay me not a bad score I assume well there you go that really is the extent of it and what a fun little game on fun little mini game that is and so that was hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades and this is a kind of early access release we're on early access update number three and they keep adding the stuff every day and actually quite appreciate that so pick this one up on Steam and have a little play with it one must away miss hello there you are reality so much better or is it mmm anyway if you're not subscribed please subscribe now I've got decent sounding actually here while I'm saying you may be actually inclined to watch any of my videos because I know that my audio has been absolutely bloody awful recently tonight thank you about watching that was a lot of fun you

18 Replies to “Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades on HTC Vive VR Review by UKRifter of VRSpies”

  1. This "game" is amazing and alot more fun than it looks. Gets better and better with every new update. I strongly recommend playing (Gunnasium). Put about 10 hours in this game so far =)

  2. dammit you lucky bastards!!!! I want to play with the vive!!! 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 I've never tried vr and I'm so envious…

  3. Oh god, that beginning when you tried to impress the ladies with reloading the gun, flip it and dropped it on the floor was hilarious. It went wrong in so many ways, then when you picked it up you accidently fired it as well.. Brilliant dude, haha! Keep it up, entertaining as always.

  4. That second one appears to be a very detailed take on a .45 1911, my favorite pistol. I wonder if the safety is modeled. No offense, of course 😀 Cool video!

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