hi guys hello ladies and gentlemen welcome welcome to our show so guys I'm here at the fence so I'm gonna do a little walk around those are some new stuff happening here so come with me and take a look take up 1 2 3 posts in the work in the works so what they're gonna do here is this is our leftover trusses it's pretty heavy-duty still pretty happy about it we have a lot left over so we're gonna use it in the fencing so so you can see that the posts have already been support the cement is in there in the forms this and this is solid steel it's really a good good heavy gauge much heavier than you would normally use and we're using it for the support so basically it's gonna be about one to three rows of hollow blocks here okay and then on top of the hollow blocks is gonna sit bamboo so you're gonna have so in total the fence will be 10 10 feet high so you'll have two feet of hollow blocks and eight feet of bamboo and the bamboo we're gonna still going to sand it and stain it and in a preservative as well as we can so that it lasts be careful somebody following me here so I'm just trying to show you guys the progress and this is all done with just three workers I'm telling you I'm getting much more production I other three guys that I was with like having a 10-man crew and I'm saving a ton of money and I'm so happy with my with Nando his worker and Sally they've been so great so you can see here so guys so the bamboo so just picture this the hollow blocks so you got one two three rows of hollow blocks the hollow blocks it's gonna come up to you see that pencil mark right there let's go mark right there hollow box is gonna pump to the ER that's two feet okay and then so you then you'll have a flat surface and then the bamboo will sit on top of the hollow block and then here you have your first support and so we'll be screwing the bamboo into the middle maybe screwing the bamboo in here and then your second support is six feet up and then you have the top of that post is a deep deep seat so I get a pretty pretty good fence system going there and something that's a little more natural than just a solid concrete wall okay so let's go take a look at the house so that's the fence you can see it in the background we've got chickens everywhere I have to be careful it's really hard walking around here because there's rocks everywhere there's obstacles everywhere it's really being a pain in the butt I can't wait till we get into the landscaping face and they'll be so much easier to walk around here so here's here's the place here's the house let me show you what was done to check this out so you got doors are all done sanded stained sprayed with a finish can't really tell you how happy I am so happy we trying to light on it's got a little dark now none of these doors have been I've been show after whatever you want to call it I don't like see my photos so can you see it can you see how beautiful these doors are are you getting it this is look at our door the glass will be here soon so soon the wood is really pretty you can see it better over here the lighting is a little matter looks nice guys yeah that's what was done that's the update I think I'm much off the store where spray let's check now and that tour is not sprayed yet but this tour was so this is a kitchen island this is just material the spot its not by soe it's all frame the compartments are already you'd have sliding drawers like drawers and then to double double doors that will open you have a microwave in here that'll just slide in and out you can see we have a outlet under there also over here will be your distress that'll slide out so basically you're watching your dishes right hand if you want to wash them by hand you'll slide slide the tray open and put your dishes put your dishes in here and slide it back there'll be a plastic tray underneath that'll catch any water and then they could dry in there and I'll dry them off whatever all so that I have a dishwasher that our Bosch five knobs stove is here with a hood and refrigerator and laundry room you're gonna have everything you need here it's gonna make your life so much more enjoyable this is a hundred year old compressor that would pay for not so happy about it because Chris had promised us to the compressor for free and then he said then he decided you want to charge us 360 today hey don't do that she's gonna break it it's rush hour I'm still still so sad about these floors they're not for me I don't know how to get these claims and somehow they have to get them clean then seal don't know I don't know they might have to be we have to buy another different type of tile for these wars it will stay I bought these because they rough and their knee won't slip you can't slip on these tiles but at the same time they don't they trap all the dirt fine baby so guys this is our it's my update this was the construction update for today I'm so happy the glass guys came out you'll see that video coming up motorists glass came out and measured all the openings for the sliding glass this glass for the fix is already on its way hopefully next week it'll be here I'll be gone I'll be home by then but when I come back in August hopefully all the fixes in and by the time I leave in August hopefully the slide so when Ando gets caught up in his work he's going to tack on the tile situation kitchen islands gonna be have a dark dark stain here almost like a black stain but not would say black maybe somewhere between chocolate and black and then here in the middle will be a clear coat stain on the planks and then you'd have a white it's called cloud stone quartz countertop with an undermount sink and then this whole wall is going to be nap I was gonna be wood planks and they'll be clear coated clear coated stained and all this wood is what we're going to make the planks are I'm going to start cutting it up making wood planes for that whole wall and wood planks here for the TV wall and that's it okay so don't be done they'll be light but moving these lights that over here up on to the white part then I've got lights here in here and we've got to put a light up there and then I got three hanging lanterns here and one more light over there thanks for watching thanks for subscribing I hope everybody enjoys my videos I like I particularly like the construction videos but I don't want to do I don't want to have the channel just get all about construction but I know a lot of people do do like seeing what's going on here we've been some reason we have a lot of dogs running around here lately I've never seen before I don't know why I'm kidding and there's telling I couldn't be any happier with these doors they just look amazing next to this place all glassed-in with some bamboo shades some nice curtains thanks guys please like don't forget to share our videos help us hit up helped us hit 5000 subscribers thanks for subscribing thanks for liking and help us share our videos thank you


  1. I'm following your building process, from here in New Zealand, Anthony. Its looking good, all coming together, it will be a very nice place when finished, the 10' fence is a good idea from a security point of view. Presumably, you will have equal height double gates for access into the finished compound. Must be costing an arm and a leg ? Bob, NZ.

  2. ANTHONY, WE BOUGHT THAT SAME TILES FOR OUR BATHROOM FOR THE SAME REASON BUT, IT JUST didnt set well for me i didnt like the look, they always look like some poured flour on them lol so i just had them to rip all of them out and put in a more modern better looking tile that look really good wish i could send you pictures, but yes i had no choice but to replace them didnt cost much but was a great change.

  3. Mind if i ask something pls. What is the square footage of your kitchen?..and, hos much is your budget for that?..i like the idea of separating my kitchen etc. To my main house….

  4. Why bamboo????with your beautiful house and will put bamboo fence???aside from bamboo fence will only last 2 to 3 does not make since when ypu have already a 3 feet of concrete blocks.

  5. Tile store might carry a muriatic acid product for removing grout haze, just use gloves, stiff scrub brush and rinse well and mask

  6. Anthony, Thr local hardware stores all sell muratic acid whick is about 10 percent
    strength. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves and scrub with a stiff brush also
    from the hardware store. The brush gets into the rough surface tile and the acid
    chemically takes off the cement. Lots of rinsing with water to get it down the drain or
    pick it up with a sponge. On smooth glazed tiles the sponge will take off the cement
    stains followed by lots of rinse water. I also use this stuff to clean rust out of the
    cement mixer and motorcycle gas tanks. or on rusty metal after chipping or grinding
    anything loose before painting.

    george and aurora

  7. U need 1 worker to do clean up of the workers site n if no work is taking place clean everything else!!

  8. Anthony, you have good taste! I love your house its totally different compare of houses being build there. Have a safe travel back here in the states. We are having a great summer weather here. We will be camping out in the Sierra foothills in Lake Tahoe in the 4th of July. Good luck to you and enjoy life!

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