20 Replies to “How Do They Knit a Chain-Link Fence?”

  1. 1:19 to 1:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIaif7IBeZA How Do They Knit a Chain-Link Fence? Published on Mar 23, 2011
    How Do They Knit a Chain-Link Fence? is one of a series of short and snappy videos that reveal the mysteries behind how everyday things happen. Each of these fascinating little videos is without words. Ideal for teachers, How Do They… ? works across the curriculum. And the vieos answer questions kids often ask! How Do They… ? How Do They Knit a Chain-Link Fence? is a fascinating visual voyage, revealing what lies behind the fences many children see around their schoolyards every day.

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  3. can you make it out of a continious wire and use electricity to detect it being cut and the plastic as insulator so once it is cut it will make a same affect as a wire being cut so a section by section cut alarm can be made ???

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