How Doctors Stay Safe Battling Coronavirus | WSJ

How Doctors Stay Safe Battling Coronavirus | WSJ

– [Narrator] These are
Chinese medical workers arriving at Wuhan Red Cross Hospital with a patient suspected of infection with a new coronavirus. The workers are wearing
personal protective equipment, or PPE, designed to prevent exposure to infectious materials. Infections and deaths
from the novel coronavirus have continued to rise throughout China and around the world. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, how the new virus spreads
isn’t completely understood. Here’s the protective equipment
that healthcare workers have worn during major
outbreaks such as SARS and Ebola and why it’s crucial in the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic. – PPE is used for a variety of hazards. In the healthcare world,
one of the biggest hazards is microbial and that could be viruses, bacteria, fungi, et cetera. Some are fine-air particles
that enter your lungs. Some are contact materials. Others can enter through various orifices, your nose or eyes. So when we’re choosing
PPE, it’s very important to understand the transmission. – [Narrator] Coronavirus is likely spread through a cough, sneeze or
other contact with saliva. But because much is
unknown about the virus, healthcare workers are
following precautions to prevent different types of exposure. – So today when you look at
personal protective equipment for microbial risk, such as coronavirus, you’re looking at four
items and they would be a face shield followed by
a respirator of some sort followed by a disposable
coverall and finally gloves. – [Narrator] Coveralls, face
shields, goggles and gloves protect against hazards like Ebola, that can spread by direct
contact with bodily fluids. The respirator prevents
inhering droplets in the air from sneezes and coughs. Healthcare workers wore respirators while treating patients during
the SARS and MERS outbreaks. – The most sort of effective
way of these pathogens entering your body is through
the respiratory system. So that’s why most PPE
in healthcare settings tends to focus around
respiratory protection, protecting what comes into your lungs. – [Narrator] The
highly-infectious nature of Ebola led to the death of
healthcare workers in Africa and exposed a potential
fatal flaw in the use of PPE. – We learned very
quickly that the sequence of taking off the clothing
was very critical. We had people making the mistake
of taking off their gloves and then taking off their respirator or their eyeglasses or their face shield. And that simple mistake of
taking one off before the other contaminated them and, of course, they ended up with the disease. – [Narrator] The Ebola epidemic prompted an update of PPE guidelines by the WHO. A global shortage of masks
has emerged as everyday people try to protect themselves from the virus. – As you travel the streets of any city, especially in these days,
you’ll see a variety of respiratory protection. You’ll see people wearing bandanas. You’ll see people wearing surgical masks. You’ll see people wearing
a very colorful masks that they buy downtown. – [Narrator] While both
respirators and surgical masks are effective at filtering
out large droplets, surgical masks are less effective at filtering out smaller droplets, which can be inhaled through
the sides of the mask. – So what we have here
is an N95 respirator. It’s 95% efficient at
particles down to .3 microns in diameter, very, very small. As reference, your hair is 50 microns so this is .3, it’s a
fraction of your hair. – [Narrator] As healthcare officials look to contain the spread of the coronavirus, they will rely on the availability and proper use of PPE in impacted areas. – The key to stopping this epidemic is a combination of isolating
those that are infected and making sure no one gets reinfected. And the key for that infection would be personal protective equipment. So it’s not just about
you wearing the equipment to protect your health, it’s also about stopping the disease and in this case, personal protective equipment is really the vital answer to stopping
this epidemic from spreading. (bright quirky music)

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  1. This is what's supposed to be used… Now go to a hospital and see if workers, medical staff included have access to ppe… This will spread. Unfortunately.

  2. Hi I am my time here during the virus if you could give it a watch it would massively help me, Stay safe everyone. I thought it was getting better but it seems like it seems to be spreading more world wide now.

  3. Heroes dont wear capes, they wear PPE. The medical staff are sacrificing so much for their citizens, its inspiring what humans can do when they put heart into something

  4. Thank you for distinguishing between surgical masks and respirators. All the other outlets are lumping then into one category and saying they aren’t effective.

  5. I've been monitoring the news for the past several weeks in regards to the coronavirus.  It's become more and more clear to me the dangers of propaganda.  I've been following multiple news YouTube pages, as well as bloggers.  I've seen videos of "professionals" sloppily temperature scanning people's foreheads, buses carrying people wearing face masks only, some hospitals wearing face masks and no goggles, "professionals" in thin white plastic body covers, "professionals" spraying work offices with disinfectant aerosols sloppily etc.  I even found a page called Ergengtv with over 300k subs.  This channel in particular is promoting a love story between a husband and wife, where he has decided to vlog their routine trips taking her to the hospital for doctor checkups.  Everyone in the comments is talking about how sweet of a husband he is and caring etc.  This is Chinese propaganda, with the purpose and intent of downplaying the severity of this "virus" and misleading the public.  This "virus" is a deadly bioweapon that was released in Wuhan, and the news will do anything to cover it up and make it seem otherwise.  This bioweapon is part of the Elites depopulation agenda, and that's why they are smearing the news with propaganda to misinform the public making them think they can protect themselves from this virus without hazmat gear.  It's VERY clear its all a show and acting at a worldwide level.  They are all hired crisis actors.  World leaders have already gone underground into bunkers.  Beware of propaganda

  6. They don't. 3 are already dead in China. Doctors. Not nurses. Died of the virus they were trying to cure others of.
    They don't bother to report the dead nurses of course as having died on duty. Doesn't mean they aren't included in the official kill counts but yeah,
    they don't.

  7. Although what Dr. Jack Caravanos said about respirators and the N95 mask is true, he failed to mention about microbial size. Some non-N95 masks (ASTM masks) has a smaller micron size (.1 microns). The N-95 mask is .3 microns.

    You would want to get a mask that has a micron size smaller than the microbe that you’re trying to filter.

    If the microbe can’t get filtered by any mask because of the size of the microbe, then the mask useless against it.

  8. 无知的美国政府和媒体,收起你们所谓人权讨论自由,你们若不道歉相信上帝也不会原谅你们。因为我们中国人正在为世界人民负重前行,保护世界上每一张笑容,而你们永远都只是上不了台的小丑。

  9. If they aren't sure how this virus is spread, why are they going around spraying everything with what ever they are spraying. How do they know that will kill it or what are they actually spraying? Could what they be spraying be bad or worse than what they are trying to control. To many unanswered variables here people.

  10. People are people and you will never stop a spread 100% this is just a way of slowing it down while cures and treatments are being worked on.

  11. This Virus Was Launched By Aliens! I´ve Asked Them For It! Sorry Guys But The World Needs To Be Clean From Corruption And Overpopulation ! It´s The Only Way To Give Back Some Human Dignity For Those Who Will Remain!!! As Soon As The Summer Comes Back The Virus Will Disappear! Many Will Be Gone By Then And At Last Those Who Will Remain Will Live With Some Dignity! Until Bigger Events Will Also Happen And Reduces Mankind For 1/3 The Perfect Balance Nature Needs To Allow Real Life Quality On Earth! It Is Called The Equilibrium Momentum!

  12. It is a drug that is effective against coronavirus.

  13. Some flu patients in the US have the same deaths as coronavirus, so the zero-infected people may come from the US as the Japanese media said.

  14. Wall Street journal this video is for you 😊 Wolff Trump'economic shell game 😊 show that you are proffecional news paper thanks 😊

  15. Haven’t any noticed ChiCom medical personnel wearing their same PPEs caring for patients-to-patients in an open bay ICU? You can even see from some videos that PPEs are being worn outside of patient care areas. How can cross contamination be prevented?

  16. I’m from China and I’d like to point out some PPE are from Japan,I really appreciated
    N95 is way more too expensive,people can’t afford,you know,mask is shortages in China though,N95 is at least 10 times higher than it used to

  17. Largely no hospital staff in the us are doing this at the moment. Not sure about other countries. Those are basically hot zones 24/7 already anyhow given their nature so it’s a little weird especially considering how much we spend on “healthcare.” No specification of the proper order in this video. Also didn’t specify what types of disinfectants are effective against this specific strain. For example does very inexpensive easily available pool shock that if used properly/is the proper type is (largely) even food safe per studies? Don’t see people doing this type of precaution even at major international travel hubs. We know this is outside of China so the travel restrictions largely have limited meaning. It might have delayed things a few weeks which is good but the window is closing. Please follow up on these points.

  18. It’s said China have more than 30,000 doctors and nurses went to the epicenter as a volunteer and most of them are CCP members.Respect to those ordinary heroes .

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