How I got banned from sports betting… – Arbitrage Betting Explained

How I got banned from sports betting… – Arbitrage Betting Explained

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  1. I was doing this back in 2002 from the US where its hard to participate in online gambling, even more-so now. One of the problems I had was getting my money in and out of the betting sites and back into the US. If I lived in a country that was more favorable toward online sport book then I'd still be doing this, it was fun.

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  3. This video is 14 minutes long because arbs in decimal odds is harder to explain than american odds. Multiplying inverses? Ain't nobody got time for that!

  4. well this is true and full proof but winning 4 dollars . on the investment of 100 dollars isn't really worth the hassle of spending hours going through different sites and games finding these situations . also mentioning creating accounts in different sites and charging them with cash of at least around 100 dollars so you can have a higher chance of taking the opportunities quick before the odds change . and the fact that you can cash out of them with a certain minimum money and most sites take at least 24 hours to refund your cash should be kept in mind. and also most sites have a limit cap on betting amounts. what I'm trying to say is that, it is possible but not worth the time and funds being invested on for the payout amount of 4 dollars . and this is over his example . which sites usually don't have such high differences. it's theoretically possible but practically not possible. basically it only sounds good on paper. this goes with all betting strategies. trust me betting establishments are smarter than you think and they eliminate all ways for which such strategies to be useless or not be worth the try. I have been researching and trying almost all strategies and at the end all have a small percentage left to chance ( in this example finding such odd gaps are left to chance ) well then what's the point of the strategies if chance is involved and very little payout. just go with your gut, skill and knowledge of the game you are betting and enjoy the thrill and fun of the game and the occasional payout. NEVER bet with money you aren't ready to lose. take it as spending money for a thrill and entertainment as you would for a rollercoaster or watching a movie. sorry if this got long but if it can change someone's mind or perspective on gambling. it would be worth it. cheers

  5. Believe me the idea came to me as well and even i thought of myself as some kinda genius until i saw this video

  6. You should be disgusted the bookmakers ban winners yet encourage the slot junkies, the gamblers who have real problems, whose mortgages get gambled away and in cases leads to suicide.

  7. Good video but you didn't get banned because of the method. You got banned cause you won too much by betting on the favourite on one site. They do this all the time

  8. I got a dollar for dollar bonus bet up to $200 so i put $200 on one team in the NRL so no draw. And put their bonus bet on the other team for $200. It got cancelled. Luckily I put the bonus bet on the underdogs and the favourites won. Last world cup soccer (I don't watch) but 2 teams had wins of $2.50 and $3.00 and I thought how could I lose so i put $100 on each. They drew.

  9. Funny you bring this up, I once thought I was the smartest sports better with same idea.😂 I never attempted it because I thought there had to be a catch I was missing. Thx for video!

  10. I run an international online bookmaker site, what a good bookie won't do is ban you, a good bookie will if they can gradually limit your liabilities until you bugger off. Arb punters are twats for everyone else, as it means that everyone else suffers on a good deal.

  11. It's a shame you don't have betting exchanges in exchanges in Australia bookies are a rip off they offer rubbish prices

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