Hey everyone and welcome back to a new video now before we start this video right here there’s something I have to say to you guys you see I might have [liked] [the] bit about the way [i] met Dennis back in the draw my life video but that was just so that I could give you an actual detailed explanation on how I actually met him I know what you’re thinking right now [some] you are a liar and you lied to all of us now hold on [i] didn’t really lie well sort of I guess you can see it is [i] kept a secret just so that I could give you guys an awesome video today covering how exactly I met Dennis and what really happened instead of just telling something stupid really quick which is really boring and all of that good stuff so that’s why I am dedicating this video to telling you guys and drawing out for you guys how I met Dennis now hold on to your horses because the story is a pretty long and complicated [when] so you will have to pay attention all the way through ok so now that I basically warm all of you up for the actual story here it’s time to get started isn’t it [I] hope you are all ready for this one because this one took me awhile to prepare for you guys but I think that the end result here is totally worth it alright so without any further ado let’s get right into the actual story here so we so it all started when we were born and yes [i] know you can’t really remember what happened when you are baby but let me at least try to explain [hear] what I can remember because I am a superhero and I do remember what happened to me when I was a baby so here goes the first thing I can remember is being in the adoption center my parents left me there because they had to go somewhere for work so as I was sitting in my cradle I looked around being curious and all that but there was really nothing interesting to look at apart from one thing you see in the cradle that was in front of me was another baby and he was literally sleeping all the time like there was no end to him sleeping so at one day I decided to wake him up by throwing a rock at him and yes I found a rock in my cradle [so] when I threw the rock at the baby he suddenly believe it or not would look up after all of these days sleeping the baby finally decided to wake up now I know what you’re thinking that had to be Dennis but nope it was not Dennis it would be a pretty short story if it was Dennis right it was not him so yeah get ready because here comes the plot twist the one thing you did not expect at all okay ready well here goes the person in the cradle was coral boom come on that had to surprise you right that’s like the best plot twist [I] have ever heard in a story before anyway so yeah let’s get to the actual point here the baby and the other cradle was cordial and [I] asked him why he was sleeping all the time and he kind of looked really weird at me and he said well it’s because I don’t have anything better to do and I was like you know why don’t we just get out of this place and get our own place and go from there I looked into [corals] eyes and [I] instantly saw a connection between us into that exact moment [court] looked at me and he said yes let’s totally do that so if that same night we got out of our cradles and we crouched out of the adoption center you know because we couldn’t even walk back then because you know we were babies anyway let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here we started crowding around because we had no idea where we were actually going we ended up in the disco which was full with people and when they sauce they began screaming and before we knew it we were back at the adoption center so our whole plan of escaping the adoption center and getting your own place kind of failed big time [I] know what you’re thinking right now sub you said you were going to tell us about how you met Dennis we don’t want to know how you met coral that’s not why we are watching video [i] totally agree with that but listen you have to hear this part or otherwise the rest will not make sense [i] met dennis is a very special way and [I] can’t tell you how yet I have to tell this part of the story first trust me I totally got this so coral and I wake up in the cradles again and we were like well that’s just great what do we do now [i] remember telling coral that we would probably be stuck in the adoption center forever because what parents would want kids like us who tried to escape all the time right well coral said what if we just try it again tonight but instead of just going somewhere we plan out our route and I was like yeah sure that’s a good idea but how would that work though we are babies coral said don’t worry about that I have something planned out just stick to me tonight and we’ll be fine little did I realize that we were actually capable of figuring out a plan I mean we were talking babies what do you expect from that so it slowly turned dark again [and] the skies were filled with starts so it began it was around 2am in the night when coral woke me up by whispering sub come on it’s time to go I woke up and saw that all the other babies were asleep so I very carefully exited my cradle everything went very smooth and it was looking very good for us like literally all the odds were in our favor right now [I] remember this one moment where coral was crouching in front of me and I was looking at him because I had no idea where to go so I just went wherever he went because he had it all figured out at least that’s what he told me anyway what happened is I wasn’t look around me because I was looking at coreland because of me looking at coral and not focusing on my surroundings [i] accidentally stepped on a Lego piece which made a really crackling sound and he woke up all of the other babies and they all started crying and so coral said so what did you do we are going to get caught again now [I] remember saying [coral] just run run as fast as you can what happened next is kind of unbelievable that’s right we stood up like no other baby could ever have done and we started running like a flash we literally went 200 miles per hour can begin to explain how we didn’t but we somehow [it] you’re probably thinking to yourself while sub this supercool running around town like the flash with a hundred miles per hour but let me tell you I wish we weren’t that fast because you know being that fast also has a downside in that downside was that I didn’t see anything at all so what happened was I was running super duper [fence] when I suddenly got [in] [the] college hard everything just went completely black I seriously had no idea what just happened or where I was anymore everything in my mind was just gone and now here is where it all starts to get a bit weird I suddenly wake up in a car and it looked exactly as the car that I collided with and [I] couldn’t really move because let me tell you it was quite a small car but that’s not the worst part the worst part comes now the driver was sort of like a thief or a bandit [I] couldn’t really tell also coral was gone by the way I had no idea where he was for what happened to him after the car collision but yeah when I woke up I saw that this sort of criminal well I mean he had a mask on was driving and so because I really wanted to know where I was going and what actually just happened I was really curious so I started questions the very first question I asked was who he was but he didn’t really seem to care about answering the question and he pretty much ignore that question while he kept driving to replace that I really didn’t know existed but I’ll get back to that later on in the story what’s important to know is that this driver was really mysterious and he actually ignored all of my questions which was really suspicious but hey I can’t really blame him I mean he’s the one who probably saw two babies running like the flash [I] mean if [I] saw that [I] wouldn’t know what to say there anyway it was a very very long drive as you may have already concluded because you’ve been looking at a driving car for the past minute or so but that’s good it really adds up to the story and it should really make you wonder where we were actually going now I have to admit that while I was in the car with this unknown man I was kind of feeling scary but that was mostly because I had no idea where portal was in there was one moment which was a crucial moment that was when I suddenly heard a really soft [Bank] and it seemed to be coming from the trunk so I whispered coil is that you and very softly I heard [the] yes it’s me so that was really good news at that same moment [or] like one second after that the car pretty much stopped we both didn’t say a word because we were kind of scared at that point this actually felt like as if we were kidnapped but don’t worry that wasn’t the case at all so what happened was the mysterious and unknown man opened the door and got me out of the car and then he opened up the trunk and he got coral out of the trunk what we saw was truly unbelievable mountains high as the clouds it was truly magical the mysterious man said well we’re here you can go all the way up this mountain he’s expecting you coral and I looked at [eachother] and then looked at the man and then asked wait [who] is expecting us and how did you kind of like catch us the man explained that he had some sort of machine on him that made time go slower so when he was at the adoption center he slowed down time so that he could see us running in slow motion that actually must have looked very funny now that [I] mention it but yeah anyway he slowed down time and he grabbed us and that must have felt like a car hitting us because we were going so fast he had to use the machine because we were going too fast to get otherwise know what I mean so suddenly everything kind of made sense we then asked why he had the mask on and wouldn’t answer my questions into that he replied you’ll find out soon enough also for some total word reason we were babies anymore our lives went super fast and we grew up in that whole car ride pretty weird I know but hold on to your horses again because it’s about to get a whole lot weirder so we kindly said thank you to the main with the mask in the car and after that he drove away so that we pretty much had no other choice than to go up the mountain to the person who was according to the man expecting us coral and I decided to go up the mountain but let me tell you it took us a really really really long time to get up there [I] believe it took us about like six full hours and 42 minutes and about 13 seconds yeah that sounds about right anyway so we get to the top of this thing and guess what we see that’s right nothing not a single thing and this is the part where it gets really really weird suddenly the ground began shaking and we had no idea what was going on we heard something coming from the distance and before we knew it believe it or not but there was a giant in front of us now you may be thinking a giant why would there be a giant on top of a mountain will actually according to my own fantasy book knowledge this is pretty much the natural habitat of giants you know it is like living on a hill in the countryside but off course everything needs to be a little bit bigger to make it suitable for a giant so instead of living on a hill Giants live on mountaintops now as the giant made his way to the top of the mountain we were in shock we have no idea what to do you know we really did not expect a giant on top of this mountain especially if you think about it like we did we thought there was nothing up there we just conquered a mountain seemingly for no reason at all and of course we did go up the mountain for a reason but it had nothing to do with Giants so you might imagine that the first thing coral did was run he went and hid behind the rock while [i] waited for the giant to approach me and when he got close I took my mighty sword and in one swing [I] struck him down to be crowned king of the mountain top that I do not know that name of ok maybe not we actually just started running down the side of the mountain as fast as we could and that is pretty fast as you may now so while running down that mountain we realized that what we were doing was pretty unhear life so we spread it back up the mountain while I made sure that I had not just peed my pants and no I did not whatever coil tells you I did n ot pee my pants when we got back to the top of the mountain we did not see the giant so we were thinking that it might have gone away that was the only logical explanation right guess again Giants apparently are pretty fast so the giant had run around the mountain and it was sneaking up behind us but because we thought it went away we just tried getting back down and there it was [it] was a huge but I mean huge beast it kind of looked like a human you know the signs were definitely there you off course had the two arms two legs three toes when I wait a second 1i [yeah] right it had 1i so we did not only encounter a giant it was also a cyclops a great find but that was not why we were there so we were staring at the Giants humongous I when it started talking you shall not pass it said in a deep and loud voice followed by Swift I am kidding my name is Paul and I love Lord of the Rings so since Paul the weirdly nice giant was actually not trying to kill us we just asked if you knew about the man in the car and he did not know about the masked man in the car but he said that he actually heard something about a man expecting two young studs and obviously we were the young studs hence the stunt part but wasn’t really clear to me was that the man was expecting two young guys not babies but grown-up [teens] and that was the word part we only just grew up on that car ride then how did the man on the mountain already know that we were grown up and why didn’t he just [weight] on the foot of the mountain now instead we had to walk those six hours 42 minutes and 13 seconds and now it was all for nothing nothing made sense at that point so we asked the giant if he knew where we had to go since we just escaped [go] into a car with some masked stranger and now we’re sitting on a mountaintop next to the one-eyes giant named Paul [we’re] off course had no idea where we could go find shelter for the night which was coming very soon the giant told us that we could come with him he had a cape not too far from where we were sitting now and he said that he had some dinner leftovers whatever leftovers maybe for a giant so since we did not really have a choice we just got up and followed the giant but when we got up and started walking toward the path that the giant had made with his enormous feet we saw the silhouette of a man cast upon the back the giant so coral and we turned around and saw a man covered in fruit jelly I did not get why or what type of jelly it was but I like to believe that it was grape jelly [I] wish he had some peanut butter too but you know beggars choosers we then walked up to the man who looked like he just saw a ghost or that was just because he was covered in jelly I have no idea this whole day has been a mess up to this point we asked the man if he was expecting two youngsters on the top of this mountain today which he then nicely answered yes to so we still didn’t really get why he was covered in jelly or why he was expecting us in the first place but we just asked him some more questions to find out why we were there he told us that he knew we were coming because what we had done did [no] go unnoticed we’ve reached out of an adoption center we have the ability to run as fast as the flash and we got kidnapped by some dude with a mask on so he told us that he would explain all of it when we got to his house down the mountainside somewhere in the woods so of course with nowhere else to go we just followed him into the woods while we were walking down a dirt path in the woods coral and I were looking at econo like we were crazy we just had gone through all of these word and yet amazing things we even met Paul the disturbingly nice giant and now we were following this man into his home in the woods [that] is not the safest thing to do in this day and age but when we got deeper and deeper into the woods [we] saw some light coming from behind the trees we were thinking maybe there are some hikers up there when we got closer to the source of the light we came around some trees and saw this amazing looking house it was pretty big and beautifully made out of wood it was like a cabin on steroids it was the perfect luxury for a guy living in the woods but we still had not said a word to the guy for the whole trip down here so we were still pretty anxious about what was waiting for us inside of his house he opened the door to the garage and we both got in while I held the door open for coral the man suddenly young don’t you dare step inside of my house with those muddy shoes my wife will kill both of you so as spooky as we were we took off her shoes and put them on the rack in the garage the house smells amazing it was like someone was baking literally every pastry there was on planet earth and both coral and me were really hungry so our stomach started growling when the wife of the man came into the hall she asked us if we wanted something to eat or to drink we immediately said yes and followed her into the kitchen upon arriving in the kitchen we saw all the pastries that were made and we’re being made and who was making those pastries right it was Dennis the old man who got us off of the mountain that was Dennis his granddad and the woman was his grandmother and he was just like these grandpap’s totally covered in jelly apparently something went wrong when making a cake and some jelly may have exploded all over those two and [Dennis] his [grandmother] gave us both a glass of milk and she said we could eat all the pastries we wanted as long as we would brush our teeth and that you guys is how I met Dennis gay [yeah]

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