How I Setup my War Belt

How I Setup my War Belt

I hate folks right on the range today obviously this is not my living room this would be a terrible living room there's bugs in this living room what am I talking about let's do a video and we're going over one of my wor belt setups I got a whole bunch of these this one's really cool this one's my blue alpha gear there's a bunch of companies that make very very similar designs grab whatever it blows your hair back but anyway cool design it doesn't cost much and this one's very very durable it's a clever design so I'll walk you through it before we dive in make sure you subscribe to the channel if you don't mind and right beside that subscribe button there's a little bill that turns on notifications that make sure that you don't miss out on cool content or lame content depending on how well I'm doing on any given video so that I'd appreciate that also everything that you're gonna see in this video I'm gonna have links below in the description so that should make it easier for you guys make sure you don't get the wrong thing and also helps me out so let's go through the belt first off it comes with a Cobra buckle lots of these belts everyone's going to Cobra buckle this is how it works right here push in on these tabs right here and it pulls out it's a very very very strong design this one also comes with a d-ring so in case you need to you know tether yourself into aircraft or something for tie-downs that can work really really well so there you go also this comes with Mali two rows of Mali attachment webbing like so and kind of see it when I do that or the Mali goes through so that you can take stuff like these s attacks Kiwis along just sit and lace those through the Mali right there or you can get something like this blue for skier med kit right here which is a belt mounted option and it just goes over over the belt like so so pretty cool design that gives you a lot of it's a t-rex arms holster ragnarok and yeah party on this isn't the only piece of the belt this piece right here is an inner lining it interfaces with the inside velcro right here this receives it so first you put this on this allows you to very very quickly take your belt off or put it back on now a little tip pro tip for you guys putting on warm belts to make sure you nail the placement the holster this is the part that really really matters you know for drawing and shooting speed is based on efficiency but you can't have efficiency if you don't have consistency and that comes down to everything to where you mount this so it's not here here here here all these different options the very first one I make sure I get it nice and centered go ahead and kind of practice my purchase smelling yep that's once I've got that placement I can start working it around like so block it in and it's on tight there we go and now I can jump up and down and it doesn't go anywhere right so uh stay secure very minimalistic I'm comfortable in it yeah party on this is a cool war belt if you want to get one if you don't that's okay too but a cool design and I like it guys train hard train smart and get cool gear because that's also fun see you next time you

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  1. Check out the Warrior Poet Society War Belt in collaboration with Blue Alpha Gear found on the website.

  2. Will the blue force gear micro trauma kit with the molle attachment for this? Or would the belt loop attachment work better

  3. John said "got a whole bunch of these". Must be nice, man I just put together a blue force war belt today and with all the attachments from high speed gear and a holster from g code I was all in just over 400 bucks and haven't even touched a med kit with supplies yet. Be prepared, figure 500 bucks If you want a belt like this. Couple hundred more if you attach a good fighting knife. Just a heads up my fellow blue collar warriors. Can't wait to get all my orders shipped and put my new belt to use.

  4. Nice video.
    Too be honest when I carry my 1911 in a IWB holster the firearm is so heavy around my waist that not only I hook it up on a Kore belt but most of the time I wear suspenders under a T-shirt ( t-shirt untucked ) just too hold it up.
    Lol .
    Wouldn’t want to wear all this stuff unless it’s on a vest.

  5. Police officers wear belts like this everyday at work. John’s right about making the holster line up correctly when putting it on. One thing I’d add: wear “belt keepers”. Officers place two to four of these (depending on girth) on their belts for increased secure attachment. This prevents them from slipping off worn out Velcro, or worse, being yanked and twisted around by a bad guy.

  6. you really need to check out the safariland 578 pro fit level 2 holster, fits 200+ different handguns and is as fast as level 1 holster thanks to the GLS locking mechanism.

  7. Thank you mr.poet for helping me with my battle belt issue, this vid convinced me to place an order of the belt. And I did! Can’t wait till I have in my hands 😁 but it needs to survive the travel from the states to Sweden first.

  8. What's the belt attachment you're using for Ragnarok? It's definitely not a Safariland UBI you usually recommend.

  9. Although your micro trauma kit now is ambidextrous. The tourniquet you have mounted underneath is only accessible with the right hand. This would better be mounted closer to your buckle, to better facilitate ambidextrous draw.

  10. I've had my Blue Alpha Hybrid EDC pistol belt for 2 years and I won't buy any other brand, well of course if you decide to come out with your own pistol belt; I'd buy that lol

  11. Curious what attachment are you using to connect your Ragernok holster to your belt? Does it provide a bit of offset to allow for a consistent purchase? Thanks!

  12. So, if you get a belt that doesn't have the velcro, how is the belt held in position, just gravity and not doing a hand-stand? If you're pulling a pistol out of a holster, can't the friction/ stickyness between the gun and holster raise the belt?

  13. I really love your Videos each one is Very Unique . One day your doing Spidey Push ups in a Parking Lot , the next one your Jumping Around with a War Belt ! No where on YouTube can this be Found 👍. 😀

  14. Does anyone know if you can wear this type of belt without the inner system over clothing if you had to for quick situations like home defense or whatever if you had to or is it going to be way to unstable without the Velcro? Which is better for practical situations, this type of belt or something with a non slip belt pad? Thanks

  15. Thanks for such an awesome review. After looking for so long with other brands out there, I decided to purchase one of these.
    A well educated consumer is always the best customer. Shoot safe and God bless from the Empire State.

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