How Keanu Reeves Learned To Shoot Guns For 'John Wick'

How Keanu Reeves Learned To Shoot Guns For 'John Wick'

[Applause] in the span of three movies the John wick films have racked up a body count of nearly 300 and to do that you need guns lots of guns meet Caron Butler he's a world champion competitive shooter he's also the owner of Terran tactical they're responsible for teaching some of Hollywood's top action stars how to handle firearms for film and television today for the first time ever I'll be shooting a pistol a shotgun and an assault rifle just to see how Keanu learn to look like an expert marksman for the big screen what's the worst that could happen could you imagine if we were doing this with loaded guns I would have shot all my feet first the stars of John wick have to learn some basics before they can start shooting like international assassins so we have this in color 180 degree line so when you're on this shooter on the firing line think of it like there's a force field pulling your muzzle downrange never bring the muzzle back past the 180 degree line finger off the trigger unless you're shooting and always check every gun is if though it's loaded I'm gonna teach you how to check to make sure that they're not after getting a feel for the pistol it was time for the real deal I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians Glock 34 and 26 flared magwell for easier reloads and I know you'll appreciate the custom porting so we've got the three primary pistols of John wick two and three there's a gun you were training with with Jayde the gun that you see Keano training with here on the range with a lock-in John wick three sharee suggests he goes John since you've been gone something new has come out the 2011 combat master loaded in nine-millimeter major 125 green bullet made your business so both guns shoot 9-millimeter yeah the difference is is this gun here gets you 9-millimeter major this is a nine millimeter major it's a lot taller it's got a lot more powder in it the only difference is more powder so regular nine millimeter on the left nine major on the right this gun here is Halle Berry's Glock 19 from John wick three so when the shootout takes place she grabs his gun off one of the bad guys she enjoyed the the hard working training she had three broken ribs through most the training here so she wasn't at her top and same with Keano getting beat up on the horses but she just got really good at it and I'd say hands down she's the best female weapons handler in Hollywood Taran has Hollywood's action stars start with a small firearm and a simple combo let's do something fun and fast first okay first off no surfing you were laid back okay just McCully okay start on this guy he's this guy in the world I'm gonna say shoot everybody stand by huh when you hear the beep I'm gonna come up two to the body one to the head it's called a Mozambique to the body one of the yeah should already stand by the cat yeah get him the gun to the head it counts pop the safety on when you're done finger off the trigger okay that's 441 let's destroy that time just do one more clean one no box office kiosk OHS shooter ready stand by okay that was 163 Hey all right look for 441 to 163 in a couple rounds oh yeah it's easy the next level is rifle handling placement is key as is learning how to smoothly replace your ammo I need something robust precise robust precise pay off fifty eleven point five inch compensated with an iron bonded bolt carrier oh yeah and then you're back on gotcha boom boom boom oh no I'm out we're learning how to manipulate our weapons without ammunition in them so we know all the function could you imagine if we were doing this with the loaded guns I would have shot all my feet off oh goodness the true test was a more complicated combo one similar to the kind keno and Allen had to master before hitting the set the director chats to health he wanted everything he wanted three gun loading he wanted all kinds of ways to load the shotgun all kinds of pistol reload transitions rifle shotgun pistol everything boom boom boom boom boom boom boom ding that's it alright if I take a while you could do it mr. work good shooter ready stand by all right safety on yes sir yeah 1367 a lot better than 27 second one do it again yeah of course are you sure you're not bored yet yeah this is awesome let me off we fixed that one place is not your way this fun it's fine he's so good with guns he's just like one move that for you up a BAM now it was Terrence turn shooter ready stand by five five point one seven that's ridiculous last but not least it was time to try out a John wick fan favorite miss jest the Benelli m4 an Italian classic in John wick three by far the coolest part with the quad loading with the shotgun that's that's something no movie would ever have done that quad loading is a very difficult thing to learn and only a few people can do it really good so we got that going at towards the end he did amazing is this thing gonna like have a real big kick that's gonna hurt no it's already cool all on this one Oh think about sequel Oh Matt saver oh that's what that last one was cool yeah the math saver awesome thank you very much how come those guys didn't fall down they did but they came back up okay thank you no I'll finish them off I love this habit you haven't been like let me take care of that back you walking around the house like let me get the lights Kapow pretty much

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  1. It's not an assault rifle. It's just a rifle. It's a 9mm rifle too, so it's not like you were even shooting rifle calibers. You were shooting what's known as a pistol caliber carbine. It's a rifle that shoots pistol rounds. It shoots the same bullet as the pistols you fired.

  2. Keanu Reeves using a Professor X quote. "I feel a great swell of pity for the poor fool who comes to my home… looking for trouble."

  3. IT IS NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! great video though.
    Before it became a STUPID BUZZ WORD it was a term used in the military for an AR15-LIKE-RIFLE with select fire capability. Select fire capability is a rifle the gives the ability to switch between 3 round burst and single shot (which is what ALL AR15s come in). All civilian AR15 and other rifles like the AR15 come in single shot only, which is one trigger pull one round.

  4. I want to watch the first one…but I cannot handle animal cruelty. How graphic is the dog scene and when should I fast forward?

  5. *says that you don't shoot assult rifles and that they are actually semi automatic rifles and to tells you that you should have basic gun knowledge before making a gun video

  6. Nice overview of some quick firearms training for Hollywood movies, particularly the John Wick series.

  7. Jesus dude , can you not look like a ditzy broad ? You were terrified the entire time. Relax , it’s a tool. If use it properly, you’ll be fine cupcake

  8. Insider helps me so much I'm inspired to create content from the movies that are uploaded on insider

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