How SEVEN NATION ARMY Became A Stadium Chant

How SEVEN NATION ARMY Became A Stadium Chant

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  1. The White Stripes are my most listened to artist on Spotify. Who are yours? Continue the conversation on:

  2. This band made me stop listing to rock music, they are the worst, they made rock sound like crap, they made people disgusted with rock, and video makes them great…what a joke. Or people who listen to their two sound music become more stupid then ever,  just like in the move idiocracy..

  3. One of the worst high schools ive ever been to, played this song on pep rallies and convinced a lot of the kids that it was the school pride song. I never understood why they never knew the original song- it would've BLOWN their MINDS hearing the original in its complete form

  4. stripes are cool, but a band needs bass to fill out that punch on the bottom end… stripes sound bland and empty with just drums and high end.

  5. Sweet tune… but if you want a true song of the people, look no further:


  6. NEVER apologize for calling it soccer. It’s a correct name for the sport, used by about a billion people worldwide. Nothing wrong with calling it football; nothing wrong with calling it soccer.

  7. Fun fact: in the netherlands if you play this everyone will sing “alle duitser zijn homo” or in english “all germans are gay”.

  8. Also, in Belgium and in the Netherlands people sing the riff like this:
    "Alle Duitsers zijn homo" (Translation: "Every German is gay")

    Very vulgar ofcourse, but pretty much all hooligans are.

  9. Meg White is a fantastic drummer…for The White Stripes. Put another "better" drummer on that throne and you wouldn't have The White Stripes and, well, that would be a shame.

  10. Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, the USSR and france starts fighting.
    Japan attacks pearl harbor.

    The US cocks gun, starts playing Seven Nation Army, drops two atomic bombs while the riff plays.

    Japan: am i joke to you?

  11. Weeee are glasgow raaaangers
    Weeee are glasgow raaaangers

  12. i've hurt this song at sports with different lyrics in the netherlands so many times before hearing the original

  13. And Jack White thought the salvation army was Seven Nation Army, being a kid, I recall hearing somewhere. Which is off topic, but would have been a nice extra piece of info.

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