11 Replies to “How Technology has Changed the World of Fencing | The Tech Race”

  1. Im an electronic engineering student i wonder how leon Paul detects whether or not the hit was on the lamé or not do you detect the change in capacitance of the blade or the lamé? If yes isn't it very unreliable if femcers are sweating and the whole system changes its capacitance? I would love. To know more about this technology

  2. There are some infamous refrees in the world of fencing, hoping technology can abandon the use of human refrees.

  3. 'Adding an element of emotion' …. I'm left with wondering how heavy these helmets are? Could helmets be too light?

  4. Learn more about amazing technology in sports in The Tech Race series: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/the-tech-race/

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