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  1. I'm so glad you released a left footed visual, I'm dominant on my left foot but it's usually quite hard to find tutorials that teach one how to perform a 360 on that side.

  2. I literally watched this video last night. Tried it on a trampoline. Woke up early. and did a 360 4th try!! Thanks so much!

  3. Shit thatโ€™s great coaching , Iv tried the 3 so many times ,and always missed the handle grab …obviously because I dident use both Hans to pull it In once I was off the wake …nice one David

  4. So, I landed a 360 wake to wake my first try (was super sketchy but I rode away) but I haven't came close to landing one since. I always end up doing almost like half a cork๐Ÿ˜† like I always land on my back and I have no clue why, any idea why this could be? I know it's not lots of info to go off of but

  5. Love it! "If you're not fallin, you're not learnin!" I just landed my first 360 this last summer and this video helped tremendously. One tid bit I wanted to add for those learning (made a big difference for me getting the handle where I needed it) was to flex your wrist under on your back hand so that it creates sort of a hook out of your arm and wrist. This allows you to keep the handle pass so much closer because you are pulling yourself towards the boat throughout the rotation. If you let your wrist relax and then go for the rotation, you are actually pushing the handle away from yourself. Just a thought that helped me. Hope it can help others!

  6. Hey man love your videos! any tips how to take my 540 to a 720? my wake is pretty small so Im pretty limited on air time but I can manage a 540 constantly if I load the boat with people.

  7. The context is really great, but spend some time learning to use your camera. I think your videos will explode. Just some critique. Good video mate!

  8. cute……Like a BOSS ….that was an awesome 360 you did in slow-mo ….. when I slalom trick ski….I have only mastered the 360 a couple of times. what you guys do is a little harder than what I have been trying to learn inside the wakes, a simple 360, I get 180 no problem, why can't I grab the rope and finish my 360? yeah I do one handed not two, it's supposed to be one smooth move all the way around, then i should be able to do it anywhere moving on the wake off it's embarrassing I get mad and give up. I turn with my left shoulder into the 180 then i try again with the left, i know it is my rope handling and i am just learning trick skiing. I know it's not wakeboarding but it is rope handling and a 360, would two handed apply? any suggestions for me? thanks…

  9. Whats up Daivd? I live out in Austin Texas and we have some of the best cable parks around, come over and time for a wake session. I'm from Arklow

  10. Hey man these videos are great.. I've always been told to just do it and it's not that easy there is some skill to it. Wish I had these videos when I was learning.. Keep it up man

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