How to aim better / War Thunder

How to aim better / War Thunder

most engagements initiated by the vehicle commander begin with the initial fire command when the vehicle commander decides to engage a target that is not obvious to the gunner he must provide the gunner with the information needed to engage the target effectively in our game there isn't as much fuss when you want to aim and shoot even in RB or SB if you prefer these two game modes you are most likely already pretty good at guessing distances and using the markings in the main gun scope that's why we'll focus on two useful features that fewer people are familiar with the way you can change your range zeroing and the range finder let's start with the latter you will need to bind a key for it in tank controls like this now you can use a rangefinder to estimate distances simple as that let's check it out on an enemy vehicle yep works like a charm now let's return to the tank section in the controls this time you have to scroll all the way down to sight distance control set keys for increase value decrease value and reset axis value and you're all set now you can adjust the elevation to compensate for ranges and still aim to the center of the Cross and perhaps a demonstration is in order let's say we spotted an enemy we'll first estimate the distance the old way so that our distance measurement skills don't get too rusty this is the t26 side on should be around there 600 meters let's check it with a rangefinder yep we were right adjust the range and look at that now there is no need to compensate for drop it isn't that convenient also remembering key distances and knowing key position helps a lot this way you'll be able to adjust your sights accordingly before most engagements do you know what helps a ton having a sighting reticle that has ranged columns for each of your ammo types for example take a look at this TSH to be 32 P sight it was installed on a Soviet t-55 a across the site's top half there are five ballistic range columns each conforming to a particular ammunition type the columns are labeled in Cyrillic ofp OLN for a chi shells BR 412 d specifically the BR 4 1 2 d round only BK for hcats bo DK which means subcaliber for use with your apts and GT /t for your machine gun convenient right at the bottom right there is also a stadium metric scale that can be used to estimate the range to targets but only if they are around 2.7 meters high located a target great line up your sights with the enemy vehicle take into account the distance and the type of ammunition you're currently using 800 meters 3 B m8 set the right sight distance we're ready to fire it's a direct hit and that's just one example there are plenty more take for instance this beautiful 2015 for your is one or this TSH 16 this kind of sight was used on the t43 85 I've wanna spice things up there is this thing for your bum bear or your kv2 very historical there are even German gun sights here what kind of magic is this they they rotate all of these sighting reticles can be found at live war thunder calm it is very likely that you'll be able to find sites for your favorable vehicle as well both historically accurate and custom found something you really dig take the vehicle of your choice for a test drive then go to game settings main then tank battle settings in the heading use alternative site grid select add a grid site in the user sites folder in the game directory a folder will be created with the name of the selected vehicle and a blk file site underscore one it's just an example of a standard site without exiting the game copy the site you downloaded into the created folder we're almost there now go back to the game press Alt + f9 to update the game data and select the imported site alright you're ready to go keep in mind that every vehicle can have as many different sighting reticles as you want go nuts if there's nothing that strikes your fancy you can always make a site of your own or polish an existing one up just follow the guide that we've published on our official wiki it's not as hard as it looks and maybe you'll make somebody's day you you

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  1. I have a little problem in my game. When i watch some youtubers play war thunder, shells go in CENTER of where they aim, mine one goes a little bit LEFT or Right….

  2. When I’m aiming it randomly snaps to another tank or plane, I’m not then pressing anything just wondering why?

  3. my experiance was without vids… dus making me a fast wuick aimer without applying rules this is how i learned the range not scope not rangefinder but in AB i looked at the distance and how big a tank looks i had countless ab battles always doing it to tier 3 then doing rb BUT now i just do rb instant cuz i kee;p in my the long range size and i just aim and BOOM enemy down
    now this might sound dumb but it rlly does work play ab a long long time and suddenly change to RB and do not use range finder and see how your shell flys and land 😉 been here for years since 2015

  4. Hey gajin .. When you gonna fix the minimap issue on the ps4? Its over 1 month now that I not can see all 3 caputure zones at the same time on the minimap? ?? Only 1 and when driving to another caputure point the other Will show up… Please fix this !!!

  5. This is most probably gonna be buried in the comments, but on the off chance that war thunder devs see this, could u add wind effects on shells? So that we could see the wind speed and adjust our aim accordingly.

  6. I just started 2 weeks ago and using a laptop, how do I adjust sight ? It dont say what button to bring down the chart . I really like this game and starting out with light armor tanks that explode easy and need to get that first shot thats important since most of the time they bonce off .

  7. Sight distance controls do not work. After adding the settings there is no response. What did I do wrong ?

  8. since the rangefinders in tghe game only go up to 1200m (I belive, I am not sure about higher rank tanks) the german reticles with Strich are quite useful for rangefinding without trail and error

    it takes some calculation though and you need to know the tanks your are up against, especially their widths

  9. with StPzII you don't need to aim. send the shell in the general direction of the enemy and splash will do the rest lol

  10. This doesn’t work, I’ve tried it multiple times and it still doesn’t work. Plz make a short updated version on that little segment about decreasing and increasing value in your sight. U know what I’m talking about. Thanks War Thunder, plz do this.

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