How To Aim, Peek & Win Firefights | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PUBG

How To Aim, Peek & Win Firefights | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PUBG

hey guys choco taco here working as part of team level-cap to bring you high-quality guides for player unknowns battlegrounds in this week's video we'll look at tips for winning firefights weapon recoil the best ways to peek and even how to improve your aim let's start by looking at the three different aim modes in pub G the first day mode is hipfire this is when you shoot without using the right mouse button we'll be looking at the recoil for this car but what we're about to see holds true for all pistols SMGs and ARS in the game as you can see the recoil pattern when hip firing is pretty sporadic after the first few bullets we start to see a lot of horizontal recoil and if we were shooting at a target those bullets to the left would have definitely missed I played a game using each aim mode and in this game I'm only using hipfire I landed at the schools and this close quarters is where hipfire works best you can see I get this really easy kill on the first guy the second guy load down the hall I have a lot of trouble killing this guy go slow down my shot quite a bit to get the kill one thing that's really nice about hipfire is that you can shoot while running with the other 2a modes you're forced to walk while using them the other benefits using hipfire is that it's the fastest way to get shots off with ATS which we'll look at later you have to spend time pulling out your gun to look through your cider scope it's only a fraction of a second but that can definitely be the difference between getting killed and getting the kill I picked up a shotgun here and even though I didn't end up using it I wanted to mention that shotguns have the same spread with all aim modes so unless you're aiming at someone far away I recommend you just always use hipfire with shotguns the bottom line is you should pretty much only be using hipfire if you're right next to an enemy even if they're only ten feet away the other aim modes are gonna be better the second aim mode is when you hold down the right mouse button while shooting you'll notice the crosshair gets smaller in first-person the recoil here is a lot better than hipfire we see a lot less horizontal recoil until the very end most of its vertical at the end that we do see a couple bullets pretty far off to the right this aim mode is my go-to for pistols it doesn't take any extra time to aim and it increases your accuracy I personally have a lot of trouble aiming with the pistol iron sights and pub G so holding on the right mouse button is definitely the best option for me keep in mind though you can't run while shooting so you'll be forced to walk while holding the right mouse button we saw with hipfire that shooting enemy is that even 10 to 20 meters of it was pretty inaccurate this enemy on the roof that I'm about to spot is about 50 meters away and I managed to actually hit most of my shots while holding the right mouse button down this won't always be the case though there are no set recoil patterns in pub G so you could have really good spread on one clip where you might have really terrible spread on another here it took me about 15 bullets to get the five hits needed to kill this enemy and this guy was right in front of me simpler to hipfire I don't really suggest using this same mode unless enemies are close by or if you're using a pistol the last aim mode is abs or aim down sight this is when you just tap right-click this is by far the most accurate aim mode we hardly get any horizontal recoil at all and the horizontal recoil isn't really enough to miss an enemy ad essing allows you to be really precise with your shots which is extremely important in a game like pub G where headshots deal considerably more damage than body shots and limb shots you can be confident when you're a deicing that your bullets are actually going to land where you're aiming unlike with the other two aim modes where your bullets can land outside of your crosshair one of my favourite benefits to AD essing is that you can zoom if you hold shift you hold your breath and you get somewhere near a to time scope amount of zoom I use this almost always when I'm ad icing and it's especially useful during the early game when you probably won't have access to a scope the ad assume also works with iron sights really useful for the first kills of a game one last benefit to a de-essing is that it lets you lean this is especially helpful when peeking corners and this is something we'll cover later in the video the basic takeaway from this is that you should pretty much always be using a DES as your main aim mode there are definitely some exceptions the main one being when an enemy's right next to you taking that fraction of a second to abs could be the difference between dying or getting the kill another exception is if your pre firing someone for example if you know someone's in the closet you can just start spraying before you peek or you can start spraying right as you peek let's move on and talk about peeking this is a subject that seems really simple but there's actually a lot more to it than it may seem I can always tell when I'm fighting a really good player just by the way they peek I can usually tell within a matter of seconds let's go ahead and look at some different ways to peek I mainly use six different methods of peeking the first two are lean right and lean left I use the default key bindings of efore lean right and q4 lean left you'll notice that the animation for leading is actually really slow so you're gonna want to be able to strafe while leaning to get out a little quicker I hold down a with my middle finger and use my index finger and my ring finger on a and D to strafe and for leading left I hold down key with my middle finger and use a and D with my index finger and ring finger the reason leaning is so good is because it allows you to peek with the smallest amount of risk when done well you'll be exposing mostly just your head and not the rest of your body it also allows you to duck behind cover almost immediately after shooting this makes it so that you can peek multiple angles in a quick succession here I lean right for my first shot and left for my second shot this doesn't give my opponent a good chance to hit me since I'm peaking from a different spot each time the next two methods of peaking I use are the same exact thing we just looked at but while crouching this is gonna put your head at a different height so if there's an enemy already aiming at you they'll have to readjust their aim to hit you the last two types of Peaks are just strafing out to the right and strafing out to the left I don't use these as much but sometimes I can throw your opponent off because your head will be a little bit higher than when you lean right or lean left the trick now is to combine all six of these Peaks together when you're in a firefight it's great to peak and shoot once or twice and then repeat in a different way you also want to avoid making any kind of pattern so for example peaking left right left right might not be good your main goal should be to keep the enemy guessing about what you're gonna do next another way to do this is to peak from a completely different spot when you're behind a hill or in a building after every few shots move to a different window or to a different spot in the hill like I'm doing here if you repeat the same spot multiple times it's gonna be really easy for an enemy to line up a shot on you but if you move you'll have the element of surprise every time you peek the key is you want to have control of the fight by choosing when and where you peak you're making the enemy react to your moves not the other way around I'd like to talk briefly about communication because I think it's just as important as hitting your shots or understanding game mechanics when you're playing with teammates you want to be able to give them the most amount of information in the least amount of time there are three pieces of information you should always give your teammates the 3ds direction distance and description a good example of a call-out might be East a hundred meters house that everything your teammate will need to know about an enemy's position any additional information is always helpful – like how many hits you've landed or if you're healing also tell them what you're doing your team probably isn't looking at you so if you're pushing let them know so they can go with you I really don't see many people using distance with call-outs including a lot of the top players that I watch I think it's because they aren't comfortable or sure how far away something is the best way to learn is to start doing it as a reminder each square in the mini-map is 100 meters the last thing I'd like to talk about is how to improve your aim it's without doubt the most common question I get from other players and it's the thing that will ultimately help you the most in firefights the truth is if you really want to work on your aim you need to play a different game on the side unfortunately pub G is a terrible game for working on your shot there are plans for the devs to include a shooting range in the game but we have no idea when this will be added or even if it will be added the problem is that there's so much dead time between kills that you truly can't practice your shot not only that but pub G isn't really a game where you rack up kills let's say you win a game with 10 kills that takes something like 35 minutes so that's about one kill every three and a half minutes and that's only sometimes sometimes you'll get no kills sometimes you get one kill any other shooter that's fast paced will work great for practising your aim battlefield overwatch quake and csgo are all great options I personally prefer csgo deathmatch because it revolves around a headshot mechanic which is also true for pub G it's also one of the best ways to make the most shots in the shortest amount of time more repetition will help create stronger muscle memory it's also very importantly make sure your sensitivity and pub G is similar to the sensitivity in whatever game you're playing for me a full swipe across my mouse pad in pub G is about 270 degrees or 3/4 of a full 360 so all I did was adjust my csgo sensitivity to match that if you're wondering how your sensitivity compares to top players you can use the centimeter – 360 method to compare your sensitivity to theirs this is just a measurement of how many centimeters it takes for you to turn a full 360 most professional players in csgo quake and overwatch have a centimeter to 360 measurement of about 30 to 60 my centimeter – 3 60 measurement is 50 so I have to move my mouse 50 centimeters in order to make it a full 360 if you don't have enough desk space for a full 360 you can just do the measurement of a 180 and then multiply by 2 you'll likely have the most success if you can play with a lower sensitivity I recommend getting your sensitivity as low as possible while still being able to turn around quickly if you think your sensitivity might be too high start lowering it a little bit each day until you get it where you want it ultimately you want to make use of your entire mouse pad at the same time if you have high sensitivity and are successful with it don't change it different things work for different people another important thing is to make sure that you're being critical of your game just playing shooters might not actually help ask yourself why you're missing shots are you over aiming are you under aiming are you running out of mouse bat space that's about it for this video but if you have questions about firefights or about working on your shot I'll do my best to answer them in the comments thanks for checking out the video and good luck winning those firefights you

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  1. How do you spot enemies so far away like snakes and stuff.literally to me some bushes and trees look like enemies from distance

  2. I’m using AIMlab from steam and my reaction speed has improved in one month from 1.2 seconds (I know terrible) to 0.6 seconds with the same accuracy. I’ve matched my sens in AIMlab with pubg and use it as a warmup. As a result I’m able to hip fire some people with Kar in a short range

  3. The zeroing key buttons doesn’t respond with some scopes. How did he has the acog scope zeroing at 400m?

  4. I just started this game I was aiming at a guy 15 feet away from me ADS with a holo sight AKM trained right on his chest and I didnt even see the blood splat confirming i hit him. After my clip ran out he turned around and one shot me with a shotgun. Fucking hate this game…

  5. 8:19 can we just appreciate that a full time pubg player hit a headshot flick on csgo? i know its not that big a deal but still

  6. wow this is basic shit. ever played cod1-4 on veteran? hard to survive without leaning. and its called LEANING. not peaking. peaking can be done without leaning.

  7. I wish people on PS4 played first person. Literally not ONE game. Everybody plays 3rd person. It's so annoying.

  8. Once you get beyond about 5m, hip aiming is useless. It comes down to the luck of the bullet spread and if your opponent is aiming down sights, you stand no chance.

  9. 2:51 There are snakes in our guns!

    Edit: I'm almost in high school and I still don't know how to measure stuff with my mind.

  10. my question is what should my eyes be focused on when i begin to shoot at an enemy, my sights or my target?

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