How To Align Limbs On Recurve Bow – Galaxy Crescent Riser

How To Align Limbs On Recurve Bow – Galaxy Crescent Riser

hello everybody welcome to short shot archery Anthony here and today I'm going to show you how to adjust the limb alignment on your galaxy crescent riser now I'm going to be using the galaxy crescent riser with the galaxy bronze star limbs I made my own string for this and I'm going to be doing this strung because it's easier to illustrate with the camera my recommendation though would be to d string the bow and make these adjustments if you have to and the reason behind that is is that I found that if you try to make these adjustments with the limbs under tension you can cut into or you know really damage the clear coat on the dovetail of the limp because the limb bolt is sitting on top of that dub dovetail and you're rotating it so it's it's cutting into you know that bottom part of the limb it is only the clear coat and it's not going to severely damage the limb but for cosmetic purposes you probably want to D string the bow I'm gonna be doing it strung because it's gonna be much easier to show you how it changes with the bow strung because you can actually see it happen so here's what you need to adjust the limb alignment of your bow you're going to need of course the bow you need to settle limbs the galaxy crescent riser a string you're going to need a set of allen keys you're going to need the limb alignment adjustment tool you're also going to want a set of lighter blocks and a stringer a few additional things that may come in handy of tall table or a desk or a chair something that doesn't let your bottom limb touch the ground that way it doesn't get affected by any outside elements besides the alignment of the limbs and the riser also as a note if you do have a stabilizer handy that is flat or will allow your bow to sit on you know a desk or a table easily I would go in and attach that you may have to wait the end with a heavy book or something to keep it from falling you know backwards it all depends but for me this setup here will work great it sits nice and securely on this table and from there we can go about adjusting this riser so for this riser I have already pre unaligned it when I got this riser in and I put the limbs into it and strung it for the first time everything was aligned spot-on so for a majority of the owners of the Galaxy Crescent riser you probably don't need to make any kind of limo lineman's adjustments but if you do of course I'm gonna be showing you how so I already changed the limb alignment on this riser so that it is clearly off and that way through this video you can actually see me change it as I adjust the limb alignment with the limb alignment wrench so the first thing you need to do is d-string your bow if it's not already D strung for me I'm leaving mine strung so I can show you guys how it's done and it's just so much easier to explain it this way another note that I want to point out is this little piece of leather I have here under my limb bolt and on top of the limb now from moving the limb bolt you can scratch your limb I'm trying not to damage these limbs I like them and I want to keep them you know functioning and more so looking brand new so I put this here you do not have to do this as long as you adjust your bow D strung and then just restring it every time to recheck the limb alignment it's a little bit more work but I think the payoff is better and you'll get a better understanding of what you need to do to align the bow for this video though I'm kind of just taking a shortcut in order to make it easier for you the viewer to understand understand and see what's going on with it so I just wanted to point that out before we get started so there's no confusion next up you want to break you out your fighter blocks and place them on your limb I would say around the center of the limb they don't have to be perfect all one goes on and the other one goes on the bottom limb and from there we're going to check out the alignment of the string to the blocks to the riser and see how that aligns up and then from there we can make our adjustments I already know what we need to change but hopefully I can show you how off it is so as you saw in that clip or bottom limb is perfectly in line with the biter block but as we move up the riser and the rest of the bow as we get to this top limb you can see that it is clearly off it is not the string is not sitting in between those two black lines right here so what we need to do is to make an adjustment on this bow now what you want to do is you want to break out your allen key and loosen the set screw in the back of the riser now this set screw holds in the limb bolt in the front that's holding your limb onto your bow with that loosened you can go and take your tool here your limo just meant tool and you can stick that into the two holes on top of the limb bolt and you can carefully turn the limb bolt and as you can see hopefully if I'm not moving this too much it should move back into place the string should now be sitting much closer to the center of the biter blocks as long as I did not move the bow too far out of the view of the camera that is so from the other side what I was doing to move that string back to the correct position where it's aligned with the bottom part of the bow so both limbs are aligned all I was doing was putting this tool in here and moving going both left or right depending on which direction your string is off on your bihter blocks [Applause] all right so that was a really easy adjustment of this riser to these limbs now for those of you at home it's going to be basically as easy as I showed of course you're going to be doing with the boat D strung you're going to have the vodi strung loosen that back limb bolt here use your tool to adjust from the front the positioning of the limb bolt so that you can move the string of that limb left or right so that it matches the centerline of your bihter blocks and after you make an adjustment what you want to do is tighten that set screw again restoring the bow put your biter blocks on look to see if it's moved in the correct direction because sometimes you might go the wrong way and it might move left when you really wanted to go right you would then just do the opposite and it would move back that way but you would make an adjustment restoring the boat check it if it's off D string the bow and then just proceed to loosen the set screw in the back and then do a you know another adjustment to the limb bolt in order to you know slowly correct your limb alignment now every once in a while though you probably should check your limb alignment just in case something did move on your riser or something you know shifted or just really worn and you know got worn in after you're using it for a while but other than that it's really easy to adjust this bow and to make sure that your limbs are straight and it's I think it's pretty fantastic that they decided to you know put this on a riser that is so affordable so that wraps up this video on the galaxy crescent riser and making adjustments to straighten out your limb alignment thank you so much for watching hopefully this helps some people out I do really like how they have this designed on this riser and hopefully I can share some more with you on this bow you know later on so thank you so much for watching and as always happy shooting

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  1. You should make aware that not all riser's have an eccentric type adjustment. I have the Galaxy Tourch and the user manual show there are side screws on the plate to align the limbs….
    I watched another video on the W&W TFT riser and it also adjusts as the Tourch does.
    Kinda makes me think though… as not all documentation is….err…. correct… and look to see if the limb bolts have the pin adjusting holes… OK…curiosity got the best of me and I checked. The Galaxy Tourch does not have the eccectric bolt system.
    I'm just getting back into archery after more than 30 years and everything sure got complicated….and confusing. Sorting little things like this makes me know my bow better and it is different from the others and adds time to get things done because I have to double check everything as I learn. Always a learning curve which is not a bad thing.

    Just my 2 cents…

  2. Who knew this asymmetrical bolt / eccentric bolt / cam bolt limb Alignment was used on the SF Premium?
    […] before Winners (WNS) Premium Alpha and before SF Premium Plus, … there was the SĂ©bastien Flute Premium.
    I discovered YT review by Sheldon Gannon of the Sebastian Flute Premium

  3. The align system on this riser is really shitty. I helped set up Core riser, that shares the system…
    Do not touch it unless you have to.

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