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  1. I'm sad I never knew about this. I feel I wasted my time watching pony anthology and pony thread simulator on repeat for years and not this masterpiece

  2. So… you probably provided good context for pony noobs and likely newer pcp fans and stuff. This brought back a few memories of how the community of "analysts" grew, so yay nostalgia for me. But I really feel that you get to your meaningful stuff really late to this. Probably a bit much Jess flattering, but you know, the only people who can really go after him from this era are those with enough knowledge of how the community grew. Wouldn't be the right place to start tearing him apart if you're trying to sign people on to watch him.

    I'm probably not the intended audience for this. This vid is probably for new folks. But hey, reminiscing and all of the good times (actually the early videos of that community were kinda bad).

    Kinda wondering what happened to those other brony reviewers now that I stopped following them. Is anthony c still doing stuff? I vaguely remember him doing better than trash.

    Ah crap, now I'm just rambling like an old timer. Fuck. Don't read this. Stop looking at it. It's 3 am dammit.

    Anyway, I good vid for noobs?

  3. Whenever I hear about Bronies now I just remember those dark days when I was one, going to cons and everything.
    Not my proudest moments, that's for sure.

  4. steeb I cannot even begin to explain the existential crisis I had 5:34 here I am enjoying an excellent PCP lore video from someone who knows the lore even better than I do, and then bam hard cut to a picture of me looking god awful from a video that was a mistake in every way, but anyway thanks for the playlist. I need to watch the whole thing for once. But seriously. That picture fucked me up. I have no idea why you put it in, maybe because it's a stupid picture of a dumb looking guy making a weird expression…. or whatever. Great video mam.

  5. When I, once again, feel the need to explain my love of Endless Jess' pony material to someone this is the video I'll point them to.

  6. I still can't believe pony analysis became a thing. I still can't belive that people to this day waste their talent on this. Anthony C is too good to waste his time on this pointless wank

  7. I would have to say two of my favorite horseshoe moments would be the teensiest reference in the first horseshoe review and Jesse falling over in rarity takes manehattan. In the first video, Jesse says "I hope I am not becoming one of those Brony analysts" with a picture of a pony reviewer. The reviewer he showed was Voice of Reason (VoR) during his video Friendship is Witchcraft. The significance here is that VoR received a lot of negative feedback for that video and he can sometimes go into angry rants. Jesse's pick for a stereotypical pony reviewer worked well. Second, Jesse falling over was hilarious because it was a literal heel turn (he called it that on horseshoe finale) along with the decrepit shots of the basement to give hints about his parody. BTW when did Digi first make the pony vlog (like when was it uploaded)?

  8. This is the best fan-explanation i've seen of my pony stuff. You provided the perfect amount of context, and even noticed some details and jokes i always hoped people would notice, and you did it all while being entertaining and tightly written. Whenever i see fans analyzing my videos there's always a moment where they get something wrong or word something in a way that makes me cringe a little, but you got everything right and i didn't even want to kill myself once. Great video. I appreciate it!

  9. This guy gets it, good video dude. I don't like the idea that you need to appreciate art in a certain way, but understanding it's context is definitely important to understanding what the creator was going for. Do you think that art can only truly be appreciated in one way or can there be multiple interpretations?

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  11. Oh HELL yeah! Thank you my dude, I will probably share this video around! Perfectly concise.

    Also just wanted to note that I'm surprised I've never heard anyone else make this point 2:00

  12. Thank you, Steeb. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is absolutely everything that needs to be said, and can make this series actually accessible again. This is perfect.

  13. This is great video, it basically explains all the shit I learned by watching the Horseshoe Saga because I am not a Brony, never was(because I was too young to know about all of this shit), maybe in the future I will actually watch the show(depending on how low my standards get), and I think this might be one of the better ways of watching it. If you watch it this way you are watching it as an outsider with no context, so you are effectively watching it as a fictional story. Because you are not emotionally invested in MLP you don't have any stigmas against Jess, and if you understand what he is trying to do on youtube it is completely gripping. But I guess if you give a fuck about ponies then you would be more invested, but that's an investment in a cartoon not the King, who is the focus.

    OK, I disagree with you on one thing, you NEED to watch the Horseshoe Saga before you watch the Horseshoe Finale, or you won't get the emotional payoffs of it.

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