46 Replies to “How to be Aggressive in Soccer – Online Soccer Academy”

  1. I have everything but this, I am not scared of gettin injured, or scared of the person I am against , I am just afraid to mess up, i am so hard on myself. I want to be the best out there, and somehow my aggressiveness doesn’t show, I know how to be, but when I’m playing, I don’t think about being aggressive. And when I do, I cause fouls on accident. Agh!

  2. I remember I got mad in Soccer and so I decided to go be aggressive for once and kicked the ball so hard it hit a tiny girl I was playing against in the nose and we had to take a knee so ever since I’ve been so afraid to be aggressive but now I think I can do it

  3. please Do a Video Of soccer Positions and duties or-something that my son could understand better the game and the goals before making a Goal! please let me know

  4. My soccer teammates say I am to aggressive so what do you think the right level aggressiveness is

  5. I got a match tomorrow and I'm not even 5ft5 and I'm playing against people who are 6ft and I don't have strength

  6. Youre vids help me so much i was nervois to play games and i allways said i was injured because i didnt want to make mistakes but now i am in the best team in my country and im scoring and assisting in every game 😀

  7. Thx man you have made be more aggressive and know I'm a dominant CAM and teams like Celtic and Groningen have scouted me to play for their U14 team! Thx

  8. I need help with tight spaces. I'm not good at predicting where the defenders are going to go, so I can't get out of it and I always lose the ball.

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  10. Man I wish this guy would be my coach he always looks so positive bc all my coach says is "GO HARD!" Like if he wants us to hurt someone and he won't play us if we don't "go hard"

  11. plz make more goalie motivation videos…. I luv ur videos Sir……… I get motivated a lot by them……. and thanks a lot!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. I don't know why I'm watching this. I'm really agressive on the field. Like some people stop running towards the ball when I'm chasing it. Lol, it's like they don't want to get hurt. Nice video though! Everything you explained is what I've been doing

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