27 Replies to “How To Bel Air (Flip with no Wake) – Wakeboarding”

  1. I don’t see how you get your board out of the water. I’ve tried to do it with a back roll and there was like no pop

  2. Aloha David! Love your videos and watched nearly all of them now. We're a small Brand here in Hawaii and specialize in ocean activities and fun such as spear fishing and surfing. Just got into jet ski wakeboarding and you are a true inspiration for what can be done on a small wake. If your ever coming down to the islands, hit us up and maybe we can do an ocean wakeboard video here in Hawaii. We have drone capabilities and can definitely make something sick happen. Also take u out to see the real hawaii and not just the tourist version. Keep up the good work David!

  3. Hey Guys and Girls plz go subscribe to my channel and leave a like on my video I would really appreciate it Thank You! BTW my video is WAKEBOARDING!!!

  4. Idk if tantrum is the key for Bel Air. First I landed Bel Air and only afterwards I got the balls to try the tantrum out of a kicker. Still thanks for tip, now I'm landing it 10 out of 10…

  5. I broke my wakeboard and I know its time for a new one…. But I think the next how to should be on how to fix a broken wakeboard. cheers!

  6. bro, you need to make videos for cable as well, you're really good at explanation, so far the best wake videos that I've seen) Where is the best spot on cable to try it? corner?

  7. Is it bad I began learning this before even attempting a tantrum, me being thirteen just got really bored and began learning this to see if I could do it😂

  8. Would love to see a compilation of all the people taking backside edges/catching their heels after trying this hahahaha

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