hey everyone welcome back to streaming
nerds and I am back with another video and guys in this video I want to show
you how we can block ads on all Android applications on all Android devices
that’s right and that’s coming up right in this video and I will show you
exactly what you need to do in order to block all the apps on all Android
applications and guys you might be using showbox Terrarium, cyberFlix, Morph TV
or any of those applications for movies and TV shows and live TV and you
yourself know how many ads they show when you enter the app they show you an
ad, ads at the bottom, ads on the left side ads on the right side you click on
TV show they will show your head and if you try to play it they will also show
you how pop-up ad and not just a pop-up ad a pop-up video ad many of the
applications do it and you yourself know it but I’m gonna show you how you can
remove them once and for all in this video okay and guys before I show you
how we can do it please go ahead and subscribe to the channel and also hit
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let’s get right into the tutorial and now as you can see I’m on the home
screen of my Android device and the first thing that you need to do is go
onto your Chrome browser or any other browser that you are using maybe you’re
using Mozilla or something else you can use that as well but I’m gonna use my
Chrome browser and my Chrome browser is on the home screen but if yours is not
go into your apps and you will find your browser there so I’m going to go onto my
Chrome browser and inside the browser type in the address in the address bar so I’m gonna type and then you can press ok on your remote
or you can hit the go option here so I’m gonna hit the go option and it’s gonna
open the blokada website and we’re gonna use this
software to block all the ads on all the applications on or Android devices
whatever Android device you have and right phone and right box whatever
Android device you have and there are Android applications using on and there
are Android applications on that device and they are giving you ads I’m gonna
show you how we can remove them once and for all so as you can see we’re right
now in the block otter website and you can see it says right here the best ad
blocker for Android free and open source okay so blokada ad blocker I’m gonna go
down a little bit and this is how the application looks like on the Android
phone and then I’m gonna go down a little bit more now here is the download
option we’re gonna download this on our Android device and download blokada of
V3.6 and I’m using around Android 8 or Android 9 on this device so
and if you’re using Android 4. something then you can use the blokada version 2 which is
right here but since my device runs on Android 8 or 9 I’m gonna use the blokada version 3.6 so I’m gonna click on it and then it gives me this pop-up
window do you want to download this again because I have downloaded this in
the past as well so I’m gonna hit download here so it is downloading and
that’s how you need to do it and then in order to access your downloads go into
these three dots on the top right corner click on it and then go on to the
Downloads option here and then it opens up the downloads page and in here you
can see there is blokada version 3.6.apk and i have downloaded numerous times
as you can see here but this is the recent one that i downloaded today so
I’m gonna use this to install it on my Android box so I’m gonna click on it now
and there you go it gives me the security option because my Android
device my Chrome is not allowed to install any
application from Internet right so we’re gonna change those settings so that we
can allow installation of apps from unknown sources so I’m gonna click on
settings here and then it opens up the settings pane on the right side on my
device and in here you can see the chrome option is here and I’m gonna
click on it and now you can see it is allowed to install unknown apps
installed on noon apps and Chrome I have allowed it so I’m gonna hit back once
and I’m back here and I’m gonna click on this again and now it opens up the
installation page and I can install this application here and guys if you’re
using any other version of Android please go into your security settings
through your Android settings go into security settings and then allow unknown
sources in order to install this application okay so now let’s go ahead
and install it so now it’s installing it it will take it less than a minute okay
it’s done and now I’m gonna hit on done so that’s done and I’m gonna go back
onto the home screen and then I’m gonna go on to apps and here is the blokada
application that we are gonna use to block the ads on all of our applications
but before I do that I would like to show you some of the examples of how the
ads look like on these applications so let me go on to Bee TV, one of the very
famous applications to watch movies and TV shows okay I’m gonna go on to arrow
here and there you go there is the ad you can see right here it is showing
this ad and soon enough when I go and play this thing it will give me a pop-up
ad so and this is what destroys the user experience again let me go into
something else let me go into Game of Thrones there we go again
sharp lingering okay there you go there is the pop-up ad
office L so that’s what I wanted to show you you see I don’t want these pop-up
ads and they’re just so frustrating and the user experience is destroyed
literally and I’m going to close this thing here again if I go into any other
application as well like media box HD I think this application also gives you a
lot of ads not even before it opened anything it has shown an ad check this
out you can see at the bottom right here is
already showing this to who ad or something right here half bladeless so
those are some examples of ads on these applications and now I’m going to use
blokada to block these ads and see how that works so let’s go into blokada
and we’re inside blokada and now you need to go on to okay now it gives me
this pop-up window and then I hit continue and now in here you need to go
on to this option one in blacklist right so I’m going to click on it
and right now we’re inside the blacklist page of block aa so you can see we have
some default lists in here that you can choose so you can see there is a
recommended one which is energized blue and it says a lightweight list optimized
for mobile devices blocking most of the ads one can face browsing or browsing
the net or running apps so this is one of the most recommended one so it is
already on and if I go back you can see around 200,000 hosts so around 200
addresses are in this energized blue list which this blokada is already
blocking okay so I’m gonna click on this one in blacklist again
and here is another list that I want you to know about it is goodbye ads by Jerry
70 okay so it says blocks mobile ads and trackers particularly designed for
blocking ads in games and apps so if you’re a game fan you’re using game apps
and you are having all these ads that are frustrating you use this list we can
switch this list on and you will not have ads on your game applications
anymore okay so I’m not going to use this because I’m
not using any games on my hand right box but the recommended one which is this
one I will keep it on and one more list that I want you to add in your blokada is a customized list and here is how we can add it so click on this plus icon
here or here so I’m gonna click on this one and it opens up this pop-up window
and in here you need to be sure that you are on the link option there are three
options link host and file but you need to make sure that you are on the link
option and in here you need to type in so sure you enter the address I will also keep
this address in the description of the video in case you need it and then you
need to hit the save option right here and there you go it has been added into
your block order and you can see this is the link and it has been added into our
Blokada and now I will go back and guys you can also go through other lists
in here see what these lists do and how we can
use them so I’m gonna go back one step and I’m back onto this interface and in
here we need to click on this button which will switch the Blokada
on so I’m gonna click on this and it tells me this pop-up window connection
for guests and you click OK and now I’m gonna go onto this switch off switch on
button and I’m gonna click on it and it will turn it on and you can see it has
become orange in color which means Blokada is on and guys in case when you
click it you get any pop-up window just click OK on it and it will turn this
Blokada on okay so we have switched Blokada on and
now I’m gonna go back to the main home screen and then I’m gonna go into my
apps and let’s open Bee TV again and now let’s again click on arrow let’s see if
it gives us to add not anymore going back trying something else let’s
try Game of Thrones not anymore you cannot show me ads anymore you are gone
and let’s try out what else did we try we try Media Box HD and it had an ad
in the bottom let’s see if it shows us the ad now no ads so far and in the
beginning of this video when I try to open this app it was already showing the
ad and the bottom it was still opening it but the ad was already there and now
it’s nowhere to be found let’s click on in TV show and see if it
gives us the head here well I don’t see any end here as well because my Blokada is on and that’s how we do it guys that’s how
you make your apps and free so as simple as that guys and that’s how we can block
ads on all Android applications on all Android devices so make sure you share
this video with your friends on social media so that they can also benefit from
this video because now you will have all the applications without any ads and
that’s it for this video guys I will be back with more amazing videos until next
time take care of yourself bye bye


  1. Husham you need to tell people this is only fantastic if you dont use a vpn! It does NOT work if you have a vpn because your vpn wont be able to connect to a proxy! I know ive just spent hours researching this, u.k streaming on apks etc is now illegal so you need the vpn for anonymity, so unfortunatly you do have to put up with advert bombardment.

  2. Countryแƒฆใƒ„ใƒ„แƒฆUbuntuแƒš,แ”‘โ€ขุฏอŸอ โ€ขแ”.แƒš says:

    Super Video,THANK YOU !!!

  3. It wont let you save the link. When clicking on "save" it says "This link cannot be downloaded or doesn't contain any domains".


  4. No work. I do exactly you do, but when i enter on messenger (after aplication run) it s very much ads..

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  6. Hi, just did this on my mobile (Samsung a8+) and I'm having problems with giving the permission by clicking "OK" for activating blockada through the power symbol provided.. not able to clik on OK, only cancel

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  13. So far this works great!
    Good tutorial for less experienced users
    No fake/bullshit apps to install.
    No ads in my games anymore

    Thank you for this vids, it prevented me from throwing my phone to a wall after seeing 15 damn ads in 10sec in a nonetheless good games!

  14. I have a problem where after I uninstalled the app that gives me ads i still receive pop up ads from the same app i uninstalled

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  16. Good video. I've been using Blockada for awhile and it's been a lifesaver. No more adds on my Android. It gives me piece of mind. Thank you Streaming Nerds. I switched on more host files that I didn't even know about, thanks. thumbs up

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  21. Hello very nice video I like it very much I would like to ask do you think this will remove my block?ย  5 years ago I purchase Tigerstreem TVย  T4X 4.4.2 KitkatWhen I first purchase this box was $450ย  70 discount I paid to Tigerstreem TV $388.00 dollars. ย ย ย My TV system was working very well till I start seen some note in my TV says this is last chance pay $50ย and upgrade. I paid $50 dollars but this add was keep showing when I contact them I found out Company that I purchase my TV box sold to Infinitestreem TV, when I send messageย this companyย person send message to my email,ย write to me did I download right I been doing this type of download since I purchase this TV box. I ask them to refund my money, they said okay we will give youย your money back but you can not watch your programs. they put blockage in my Media Player or Media setup, every time Iย turn on to see all the TV stations and movies, TV programs internationals block note comes up beging of Media playerย does not go to next page getting stock from there.Do you think you can help me on this type stuff please.

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  23. Only one thing he does not tell you is that after 10 mins you get a bloody pop up that account has expired and you have to pay 5 euros per month. I though this was for freeโ€ฆ.. ITS NOT very disappointed.

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