hey guys bring your own tools aka beauty thanks for joining me in today in BO eighty number 12 we actually made a beautiful horizontal fence right next to my backyard and I need to enclose that backyard now with a double gating so I'll learn more how to build this double gate keep on watching let's start there's my beautiful horizontal fence line but I do have this wide opening that I need to enclose we're going to be securing it to the actual existing post as well as the house itself that will make sure we're fully secure I first take my four by fours and cut them to size then they pre-drill my holes and then secure my anchors into place so it makes it easier to install in a long run just remember if you're working by yourself it's always nice to have a clamp by your side because it's basically a third arm and it's nice to have it if you can't find an actual arm event can actually help you so just keep that in mind go ahead and secure the first fastener and then proceed to the second just make sure you're leveling it out first making sure it's fully level before you secure the second master I fastened a screw at the top of the post and then take a string line or some type of wire and attach it to the actual screw itself and then run it across I then take an L bracket that I'll be using shortly and actually line the string line up with the holes now you don't have to use an L bracket but make sure using them then that you know is perfectly 90 degrees and the string line lines up with the holes I know I'm horizontal so I mark my point and then proceed to levelling up so I know what the true heights of the post needs to be because the ground certainly is not level I proceed by grabbing my four by four post market cut it and install her not to drill holes in my house but in this case I need to so I'm going to make sure and actually put a little bit of silicone in the hole itself after backing up the screw and then proceeding to fasten it again just gives you a bit more weather protection because the less penetration is being your house the better especially when it comes to weather control once both posts are fully secured I measure the height of what the stencil needs to be then measure the pressure treated two by six lengths then cut and then start assembling I'm going to make my large farm gate first and this gate will serve two purposes just like most games first it's going to be used to enclose the backyard obviously and secondly it's going to be used to actually open up and be fully functional to the fact that I want to have the ability to drive in my truck into the backyard or boat or whatever I would like to drive in the back but it can be fully functional though I fastened all my L brackets and toenail all the studs so it's fully secured then I take my high-strength hinges that are eight inches long which are perfect for this type of long gate system I actually had to use a screw that is meant for steel studs to the fact that I had to drill through the metal plate on a few of these screws so just be aware of that if you're using these L bracket systems that you will have to screw through some of the steel itself to actually make sure that it's fully secured to the actual gate system and I'll make sure and leave a link in the description box below or to find these type of screws and brackets now due to the fact that skate is so long you can imagine how heavy it is so I want to reduce the strain that the hinges are going to have on it by applying this wheel system which is perfect for this type of gate it had a spring-loaded activation so depending on how heavy it is or where the elevation / ground differs it'll adjust accordingly so there's always gonna be some type of pressure bearing down onto the ground itself next go and lift your gate into position and start screwing into place just make sure the screws that you use are supposed to be used for outdoor use there's plenty out there that aren't but there's plenty of out there that are so just make sure these screws that you do use are specifically designated for outdoor use now we're getting to the fact that this gate is so large I want to put a little extra support in there so actually put a third hinge just four sort of added support I mean a little added support never hurt anybody right right right that's good right it's all level and beautiful and if so move on the next step which is actually putting on the siding to be gate and rocking it from there just remember to pre-drill your holes these are cedar planks so making sure that they are pre-drilled is key unless you want to have a lot of cracks in your your siding yeah dresser most important step in doing this is making sure that the top one is level making sure that top one is level is very imperative because we're going to be working from the top down so main charge level then go into your in place and then move it on next one I made these beautiful little blocks that are about 3/4 of an inch thick that I gauge off of and then make sure it's level on one side then start strimmin and proceed to the next one register you're aware I'm doing the small sections first because the fact that is the 10 foot long gate and the cedar planks are only 8 feet long so I make up the difference on the other side in which you're not all intensive purposes will tell perfectly do the fact that this is almost the same size as we gate that I'll be building next and that makes it so when you're visually seen this gate and all its beauty it flows correctly and you'll know why later perceive to utilizing your nice beautiful full long planks and then also utilizing the actual clamp itself because again third hand helps a lot just make sure that top board is completely level and then start banging away as in literally going down and describing what makes a lot easy though if the first one is level trust me ten wimps is a beautiful thing makes things look a lot easier really now once you have that section done go and proceed to actually installing your small gate area where you'll be gently walking through again same process measure mark cut and proceed to assembling your door yeah and I'm going to be using easy gate the same gate system that I use in VO 18 over 12 again I'll be making sure and leaving the link in the description box below are where to find this because this is a great tool makes it very easy to make it very straight sturdy gate simply to a few brackets and a couple screws and you have a nice functional gate look at that nice and easy now when you proceed to installing your date just make sure it lines up correctly with large grip you've already installed place it mark on the top and bottom of the top skin that way I know exactly what the location of that engineer would be then I proceed to just passing it down with one screw and then fasten down couple more a few more and if you were here and there bang bang boom you are done yes look at that even straight in the next fix in order to pull you that first time boom next proceed to measuring the points you're going to need and same just you know measure mark cut you get the gist right if you don't right now you know I don't know why you're still watch this video same again I just gave you I love you keep on watching please I'm actually some kickers commentary and they're just sucked fill time because I don't need to talk about how I'm drilling cedar planks into a panel again so there we go now to keep this large gate stable and stationary I'm using this nifty little latch system in order to do so you drill into the side of the gate itself and then with that latch system you're able to lock it into place now instead of trying to pound the flash into the ground I'm actually using a small piece of black iron piping and pounding that into the ground itself and then I'm able to flip the latch into that piece of black iron piping that gives it more stability and security now if you is flipping hole getting your old are you too good for your holes and for me I'm sorry that was just I'm just happy gilmore reference where we done next you finally get to attach your from latch system to make this a fully functional beautiful gate system yep it is now finally completed perfect and look at those beautiful horizontal lines that is one of beautiful sexy DS of a gate system oh yeah ooh yes look at that look at those clean lines fully functional gates to your left fully functional gate to your right oh yeah boom wide open so you bring anything you want go ahead and feel free close it back up and you have one beautiful functioning gate system and there you have an Epson or 30 yes the big three-o of byg done it feels so good at that part completely finished the back yard is now fully enclosed and now I can go get a puppy or you know a horse or a pig I just closed somehow ya know to me project any case save your time please like the video please subscribe this channel and please check out my Instagram feed both are weekly if not daily until next time thanks for watching Oh me I forgot about the fact that the ground is a certain height at one end versus the other yeah and the nice big group right here that I had to take out whoops just to get it open and then close

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  1. Why must people pronounce "height" as "hieth?" I don't have many pet peeves, but this is definitely one of them! They teach you this in the 2nd grade man

  2. Very nice! Do you have a cost estimate for this project? We want to build a similar gate and are looking for a general idea of how much it would cost us to build something similar.

  3. If you want to build it yourself just google for woodprix. I know you will find good solutions for all your ideas.

  4. if my opening is 13 ft 2 inches, how wide should my gate panels be so that they swing properly and close/open together. I am trying to make two the same size so that they meet in the middle. Thank you.

  5. @ 0:29 & ~ 4:25 is that the same lawn from BYOT #8? If so, is it normal to have browning/"patchiness" like that only a year after installation? What USDA Plant Hardiness Zone are you in? (Link for reference: I'd like to re-do my lawn, but this worries me a bit (especially with all that hard work & effort you put into it!). Might go with sod instead and underground drip system due to my desert-like 9a Plant Hardiness Zone :/

    Nice Gate BTW!

  6. that pipe in the ground is going to come back to haunt you…. it will clough.. it will overgrow…. or you might forget about it and in the distant future you will bust lawnmower blade or something on it

  7. How about a follow up video on your backyard that you leveled and seeded last year? I've seen a little of it in other vids but only for a sec. What have you done to it since?

  8. I have the same type of gate I built about 2-3 years ago… however I think you went too large on the gaps… those things will widen a lot trust me!

    The space I used was a paint stick that they give you at lowes, and not even 1/4 inch, and nowadays the gaps are 2-3x larger…

    Here it is:

  9. Great vid! Any tips for preventing debris or overgrowth on the iron pipe buried in the ground? I have one fence and it is constantly jammed with dirt/water.

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