How to build a faster Self bow – design and reflex, recurve, DIY bow making

How to build a faster Self bow – design and reflex, recurve, DIY bow making

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  1. OK, So I figure I'll try the maple board long bow in your other video. I hope you don't create a monster!!

  2. So Clay…what sort of speed (average) Bow wise do you shoot/hunt with? And is it possible to hunt and make clean kills with a 40#? I know everyone says more #LB’s but if you are only pulling 40# what’s size game (can be humanely taken?)…cheers!

  3. Clay is hot air better for black locust cause I used steam for the recurve tips and after it cooled they were some very small horizontal cracks in the limbs I just filled them with zap-a-gap should they be okay?

  4. Good shooting bow, clay. I rubbed some bacon grease on a hickory bow, heated it up to reflex the limbs. But when it started cooking it smelled so good that I ate it. I have no idea how it would have affected its performance.

  5. is that osage? mulberry? Everytime I tried reflexing selfbows, the reflex went away after a bit of shooting and it reverted to its original shape.

  6. Howard Hill would disagree with the reflexing concept. Better to keep bow straight or with a little string follow. Bow will be much more forgiving and "stable" as Howard would say. Sheer speed isn't everything in a hunting bow.

  7. O.K. However, it seems to me that the bow twisted a little bit.

    I think that the original shape wasnt bad.

  8. Great Study,,, after watching your longbow shortening video on how to get more speed, i took my Forty American, two Asiatic 35 and my take down recurve 45 for a low tide Distance sling on the beach and the Two Asiatics with a Thumb Draw held their own, they both kept their attempts right in the mix. Jumping from each design, as i do, the Yank recurve cut to centre is the most precise for me!
    Great Stuff Clay, Beauty Mate.

  9. Thanks for your replies Clay Hayes, I am a big fan. You were one of my greater inspirations that got me interested in traditional archery. Your videos (especially your hunting videos) are great

  10. Clay, how do you know when you've exposed it to enough heat, and how long do you clamp it down in the re-flexed position for?

  11. Thanks. Great point. I reflex/deflex all my bows and leave the outer third of the limb thicker and narrower than the inner two thirds. Also, a very experienced self bow maker friend taught me to make the handle as small as is reasonable for the shooter's comfort and grip. Doing that reduces handle mass and energy absorption by the handle, leaving more energy in the limbs. That also add 1-2 fps.

  12. Have been watching a lot of your videos the past few days. Really enjoy you're content and appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you.

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