How To Build a Fence for your Garden

How To Build a Fence for your Garden

morning everyone it's about 102 degrees out here today in East Texas and I am completely covered up for protection forget the sunscreen forget that chemical stuff I'm just gonna cover my skin up completely bandana round my neck too so it my neck doesn't burn and hopefully this wide brim hat will help out with everything anyway I'm out here to work on the garden the ground is really dry I'm gonna show you what I'm doing here let me take you to if you remember my my plan here I'm gonna be putting in some of the the wood posts already bought the T posts but I need to get everything set with the wood posts in the corner set today I don't know how far I'm gonna get because it's dry this soil is dry as a bone right now for all that rain we've had you know a few months ago it is pretty dry out here now hasn't rained that much in the past maybe a month and a half but nice thing is is that borrowed my friends power auger I'm so thankful to my buddy Neil for loaning me this because that's great this ground is pretty hard and it is gonna be a bear try and get through with a post hole digger because how I know that is if you come over here with me I'm trying to locate where when I turn this water off I'm trying to locate where that pipe is and I don't know how far deep it it far how far down deep it is I've got a hole right here I'm trying to soften up the ground see I've I've struggled with a regular spade shovel here so I'm trying to get a little bit that moist so I can dig down and try and find that pipe but you take a look here I'm gonna take you right up towards the other one in the distance which is right there so my pipe probably runs somewhere in this area and as you can see I've got some posts I need to dig and I'm going to be running right over that area so I need to know exactly where that pipe is so I don't bust through it because that'll not be a fun repair you always want to check what's under the ground before you start digging of course and I think I'm safe with everything else you can see the other the power pole over here for the house and I believe that the Internet is run on that second line underneath I'm not on percent sure but I believe it's run that second line underneath and and twisted with the wire the feed wire that's coming into the house the primary wire primary power wire is always on top a secondary is underneath and usually they run also underneath if it doesn't have a secondary power supply wire is all the telephone or cable or anything like that so I believe hopefully that that second line under there and I'm not 100% sure but that's how it was working architecture down in Easton so but that rule isn't doesn't all true 100 percent of the time so over here I've also got this power pole that feeds the barn and there's nothing else running out here everything's up so that's good so I don't believe I'm going to encounter anything except for the water line for the irrigation in this area so let's go try to find it check it out found it I guess it was down about a foot so perfect one thing I forgot to show you guys is you really want to measure on your auger how deep the blade goes I got two foot six to the top of the coil right here and that's about what I need to bury the eight-foot posts I'm going to do in six and a half foot high post on the corners two and a half feet down B should be plenty you can look see here looks like my hole is pretty deep that is perception is different it's only about a foot deep so I got a long ways to go here until I can get this down about two and a half feet on the top and I might go a little bit less say two because I'm gonna mound up around it so the water drains off against the post I'm gonna round up with some concrete anyway when you think you're done you're not easy I got my second hole position laid out right at the end of this post measured it off from the center of the hole straight with my inline with my other stakes here and put that stake and marked right at the edge where that hole should be but meantime I got work on this one again so as you can see in the middle of the video I stopped with what I was doing because my neighbor came over this is the first time I had met him he looked at me and said well you're gonna have a tough time doing that by hand he said I have a tractor let me go get it that is what I love about the country people willing to help almost immediately just after first meeting you I was very thankful and this project is going very very well we'd appreciate it if you give us a thumbs up and like the video and subscribe to our channel and click on the video on the right hand side of the screen to see how we plan it out the garden and look for our next video on how we are putting our garden fencing up I know you'll be happy with it preciate it have a great day

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  1. This is SO SO great! First time I ran into your channel. Loving it. Quick question – as you built your fence for the garden, how far apart were the posts?

  2. Good job. Looking forward to more videos as your garden matures. Where in East Texas are you again? In the Hill Country we've gotten rain, but not as much as East Texas.  Thanks for posting.

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