How to Build a Fence | Mitre 10 Easy As

How to Build a Fence | Mitre 10 Easy As

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  1. Like we level the post to the string line..flat out!..not using a 2by4 piece to keep spacing for the rail ect. I mean I'm not quite sure how y'all r doin fences where you're from

  2. Wow these videos I watch are always different n seem so much harder n more tedious than the way our company does it…funny

  3. You should watch how the dutch do it, they are amazing,, they use concrete poles an a concrete plate underneath the fench because wood rots so fast

  4. Good Tips thanks only mistake is putting concrete on the bottom of posts as they will rot I would avoid using concrete and just tamp soil well around posts

  5. Worst tutorial on Youtube.
    Mitre 10 shameful.
    Posts should be morticed from a proper fencing supplier.
    No fencer buys from Mitre10.
    That fence will fail within 1 year.

  6. u forgot to mention applying some treatment for any new fresh cut ends to slow down the rotting process.

  7. Hi. Does anyone know the following?
    Should we have a gap between palings or not? I like this fence but everyone I've seen always have a gap.
    If there is a dip in the section, should we go 150mm above the ground at the lowest point or highest point?

  8. Great video. But need to know how to do an angle. My boundary curves and I need to probably make a 30 or 40 degree angle around it. How do I do this?

  9. I like your style🔥💨I work for a GC in the states and got to say this video was very informative and fun to watch on a subject I know all about!! Great job!🖒

  10. 10 min 20 sec on the video. Decent gap on the fence, is the timber not straight or something? Great job otherwise 👍

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