How to build a fence using pallet wood – Cheap, simple & easy!

How to build a fence using pallet wood – Cheap, simple & easy!

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  1. β€œFor health and safety reasons its important to wear gloves, a breathing mask, and safety goggles…… i personally dont wear any of these.” HAHAH love your work 008!

  2. I’ve been looking for a video that was a neat clean way to do a kitchen garden fence as well not leave scraps of wood laying around.
    Thank you.
    Very educational as well useful video.

  3. Brilliant way to make a section of picket fence if you can find uniform pallets. And I agree that pallets make EXCELLENT firewood from being so dry, and bark free. It burns a little fast from being small pieces, but it's FREE.

  4. Thanks a million for this video, I have been through loads of useless videos on this subject and am over the moon to find that My favorite DAD from TA outdoors has all the info that I needed all a long. Totally awesome video!

  5. Awesome Love This! We're using pallets for making fencing! Was looking for a way to make it work. Thank you So Much!

  6. Loved this!! I'm planning on making a border for my flower garden and this tutorial was fantastic! Subscribed! πŸ™‚

  7. Love your humour, and personality, awesome instruction, thank you. Just got hundreds of pallets for free, now im gonna make a picket fence around my whole property to keep the pig from running over to my not so friendly neighbours house. THANKS SO MUCH. Subscribed!

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