How To Build A Rustic House

How To Build A Rustic House

as you can see in the in the chest
there’s some shake-and-bake what should i do today I know to the be
okay what sure build today all these options
what should I do huh I know to the building grounds guys
Dallas you in today’s minecraft video we are going to be building a rustic house
I got a idea of what a rustic house looks like as you can see I got the
layout all down so I be easier for me to bills but the one thing I’m gonna tell
you guys is I got my old shirt on shaking bike
everybody shake and bake is that all you need to say it’s the food shake and bake
so yeah plus the other microphone seven new locations so hopefully the ideas
will be better cuz last video I was listening to it was really bad so yeah
so we’re get started on this and if you guys do enjoy make sure to LIKE and
subscribe and uh notification so you never miss my bro uploads so the build
is seventeen by nine as long as you don’t count this little piece right here
because if you count this feature here it’s uh eleven by nine I mean all of
them by two seventeen see we’re gonna get building this because why waste any
more time we here so I’m gonna give them materials and be right you want to go up
you want to go up six right here you’re gonna go up one two three four five six
do the same exact here all the way up till this peak and then along this head
right here you’re only going to want to go up five because that’s the peak right
there so you want to go five do the same exact thing over here so it looks like this they want to break
out this piece right here then in here which just give me glass so you put your
glass in then you want to get some oak trapdoors place them like this fold them
up there’s your front window down so the deck is gonna go like this you need a
cup like this and go back three can you come over here build yourself your own
little come off the brick wall right here and then line it all up like this
just same exact thing over here then put your stripped oak logs like
that now you’re gonna grab your fence put a fence here here I’ll be down in
here go up one then back and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna grab your strip
oak logs and go like this well I like to should put them up in the corners like
that and you gonna want to go strip logs all the way like this keep going like
this you put your door here and a window here so when do we go here put a torch
here another fence here and now your stairs
so put a stair here here come over like this it’s going to touch this brick wall
now do the exact same thing right here and then you wanted to overhang so this
is part of the house already almost done so now I want to come over like this
keep going over and this is slowly turning into a really
nice-looking house as you can see already I’ve got that part done now what
you want to do is you want to curve it in like this and the roof is gonna be as
high as that peak so as you can see we’re writing it in that shape right
here this is where the interesting parts gonna kick in so you go like this now
this one right here use one play it is a full-on block right here and now come
over here so we can start up on the other side we’ll deal with this piece
later so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna keep on going down like this
today’s corners about up three now you’re gonna want to put a window here
here and here so it looks like that you’re gonna want to put a layer of
stairs and the front exactly one block above the windows and now right here
again like you down the other side place a solid block like this one take a saw
block like this and put it right here so it’s nice and smooth now you got that
side done now what we have to do is we’re going to fill in all the floors
with oak planks so start the montezuma place in oak planks all right so now we got our floor all
replaced so it’s nice and like this what you want to do because you don’t want to
see this in the inside you want to come over like that cover that up so it’s a
little bit higher this is what it should look like so far now you wanna put a
back wall into side walls now we’re gonna do is we’re going to get our strip
toka logs and just cover this whole entire wall up as you can see I’m losing my voice and
then I got it let’s get ready up for Sunday so you guys could tell oh my
alright so now that we got all the walls put up so we got this all put up now
time for the interior so we’re gonna go like this and we’re gonna count over to
count over 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 put a block here and there you want to put them now
you want to bring it all the way out here all the way there’s a 1 walkway
hallway well there’s a 1 wide walkway just me just like this these are going
to be the rooms right here this would be like the big room there’s will be the
eating room this will be the hallway so now we’re gonna want to build these
walls up as tall as tall as these walls over here so we’re gonna do this I got
to pick up the pace they’re going to put the door here and a
door here so we’re gonna put some torches up actually because it’s
actually getting darker in this house now there we go as you can see this what
the rooms look like so far looking good now we’re going to work on more of the
roof now because we can actually say these rooms are in hell we got the
layout of the house done now we can finish up the roof and then decorate the
inside so it’s just give me a normal house well I mean it’s gonna be a normal
roof so you guys should be able to figure this out it’s really easy so that should be the outside the front
done we’ll start to get done with the back as you can see we need night vision
so now we’re going to do is this grab your stairs I accidentally got rid
of mine and you’re gonna want go like this exactly one down from this height
now you might be thinking that’s a lot of wasted space it is a little bit of
wasted space but you can add make that an attic so we’ll all show you what I
mean my attic when I get done with this so just add it like this you’re gonna
want to do that in every single room like or you can just do slap for these
rooms you can just do slabs for the hard rough but in there you can do it for the
extra detail and then I’ll sit over here so right here you’re gonna want to cone
it in like this okay corner it in whatever you call it so it
look like this say area looks like it’s one higher so you can see the top of
that and now what you wanna do you wanna grab your slabs and you want to go like
this all the way across all right so there we go we got this
part done so now this room you’re gonna want to dig out this piece right here a
3×3 and I got this 3×3 you’re gonna want to replace it all like glass and now you
want to put a torch here here all on this corners you’re on one do that in
the bathroom so it’s not dark and you’re spawning mobs so there we go this area
you can be like a torch here and torch here and torch here and move that one
over there and one here and then you’re gonna put door right here so we can go
outside so now that we got this sort of an area done we’re gonna work on the
bathroom so I’m gonna grab this stuff you need for the bathroom and the
bedroom so here we go all right so now what you want to do is you want to build
your toilet so you want to go like that put your steel like that so they’re both
looking like that put your iron thing put your iron trap door on it and a
button so it open up there’s the toilet now you wanna come over here put a cold
run down with the water the lever looking down so looks like it’s on so
you got this area right here so you could walk in here so there’s not really
much you can do else in here all right so we want to do is we want to put the
bed here and here a scaffolding here and here you wanna put a chest here fly up
on top of these you’re gonna put whatever flower you want it I’m gonna
put a flower and no flower in there and now we’re going to do is we’re going to
move this wall right here back by one because we don’t need all this extra
space because we need more space so I’m gonna remove this so yeah I messed up on
my calculations right now wanna put this back down and
let’s water in it snake out to walkway hallways is too big and get your bedroom
right here at ok sighs and now you got this area left and the living room
alright so now what you gonna do is you gonna put your double chest right here
like this then you’re gonna put down three furnaces one crafting table you’re
going to put some trapdoors you’re gonna put jungle trap doors on it
that’s the evening train to stroll by you rode by steam by whatever is called
your your set up like that perfect now what you’re going to do is you’re going
to build a TV so the TV’s gonna be built like that and then you gonna put a
button on it here and here there’s your TV I’m gonna get some
smooth you know get some sand stairs place them just like that from the TV
now you gonna want to put a window here and here and now this area right here is
done this area here is done now I’m gonna work on this area so now what you
guys are gonna do you’re gonna put a stair here and a stair here with the
fence post and carpet on top of it there’s your kitchen table now to
wonders you want to come out front even though we thought we’re done you’re
gonna put a stair right here so you can actually get in and out easily and now
you’re gonna come inside go around here and these two rooms are done you know
how there’s this one gap right here you’re gonna want to right here poke a
hole in the ceiling and run ladders up you can actually get a trapdoor you have
a trapdoor and you’re gonna put it here like this so in the bathroom it’s not
just bathroom you go up this come on and you go up this into an attic so
you’re gonna put a couple so what you’re gonna do is you gonna put a torch here
and here the attics only for storage there’s no point of making it look all
details and stuff and the one reason why I don’t wanna put any stairs here is cuz
looking you put them here you can open it up so what you’re gonna you’re gonna
open this up right here you’re gonna put some chests down here because you don’t
really got that much storage in this house such cute and chests you’re gonna
have with everyone up here if you really want to spruce it up you can make this
area like a hidden hideaway yeah I have like a hidden chest back there so then
we can get your stuff you’re also gonna want to break out this end right here
and get some glass anyone want to put your glass like this and then you come
over to the other end put your glass on now what you’re going to do if you can
make this area more like a upstairs home select this now to do now this what I’m
gonna do just lay blue and white carpet on the ground so it doesn’t seem like a
full-on attic it seems like a nice way to get away
from whatever you want to and with this shader pack on it makes a carpet look
cool just keep going like this now you want to grab your white carpet go along
like this so it’s like an extra room in your house
like a room you just go to relax or get away from everyone or if your houses
have enough space you just come up here and you can put it on the trapdoor but
there’s no way you can get down so now you want to grab yourself an eight an
enchantment table put it here get an anvil and put it right here so you can
also prepare and enchant your items so this upstairs is pretty much done as you
can see actually it’s really nice now they’re gonna come downstairs and we’re
going add doors on everything I forgot to put a torch back we’re add to our
doors and then we’re gonna work on the back part patio and then we’re done all
right so now what you wanna do is you wanna come over here put your doors down
for everything so you could not have anything come in are now like mobs
saying come in now you want to put your back door on but you want to change out
the wood so it’s actually the proper stuff so what you’re going to do it
again dig out this area you’re going to dig out a four by may have five by three
like this and we’re gonna be using a cool design so we’re gonna make a cool
design like this and we’re gonna keep on that in our wood you’re gonna see me oak
wood dark oak looks familiar I don’t know what it looks like it looks
familiar I know that now you’re gonna add your fences
and you go up one like that like that because oh this is a pattern I used to
use a lot pretty much a pattern for you know
what’s a thing called something else that I remember was there’s a normal I
normally put this on the wall but not just like in one bit you’re gonna want
to add your come over well your a hangover like that torch here and here
so that is your back patio done and I’m gonna say this whole entire house is
done so uh let me get ready and I’ll give you
the whole entire tour so you come home and here’s what the house looks like so
this is what the house looks like pretty nice clump you catch a nice little patio
come inside after you come inside you guys for the living room and got your
big plasma screen TV you come over here and you look you got your oven so you
can open up the oven stop sick stuff in it shut it crash your table and in the
chest so it sounds like it open the chest and
as you can see in the in the chest there’s some shake and bake then you
walk down the hallway you got your dining room your bedroom
into your nice sized window so you can look out look really cool if the Rays
got your tube double beds right here you got two flower and another flower a
chest so you put all your personal stuff in here and then you’ll walk out shut
your door the open here here’s the bathroom but
then you come up here into the attic the other kinds of windows has a window here
and down there and chant my table and we’ll all of the storage you could ever
want some chairs some nice carpet so you can come up here and just sit down
so they so then you come over here you got
another window so you can see out the window a little bit better a little bit
better no one you can see the skull house I hate built up a couple of that
says ago I’m gonna come down here jump down back down and that’s the
inside of house done but we come up back you got yourself a nice back power patio
so as you can see this is the rustic house done it’s really nice and let me
what you guys think this is I’m trying to build some new like stuff that I
think is really cool and let me know what you think of the webcam yeah let me
know what you think of the webcam and the little props I’m adding so yeah hope
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