29 Replies to “How to Build a Wood Lattice Fence”

  1. Cedar and no pre drilling = lots of splitting. Why wouldn't he mix concrete (from a bag) in a pail and pour it in hole instead of trying to mix it in the hole with post in the way. Kinda hokey to me

  2. Quick side note: You'll need an army of low cost labor workers to assist, which we've conveniently left off camera for this demonstration.

  3. ridiculous crap.  Ya….using stainless screws….and all that detail just to make a fence section…lol.  Easier to just get cedar posts.  Wrapping in peel and stick is just garbage, as moisture will penetrate, and rot that post even faster, as it will have no ability to dry out.  This video is essentially garbage.  Nice look, but complete garbage technique.  Conjured to look high tech…lol…but stupid technique for any carpenter to use.

  4. Nice video but why not have it last 30 years? http://thepostcollar.com/main_page.html

  5. OMG, the guy is working under an awning! How gay is that? Hey, just making a joke. I like the idea, but never had the luxury. In my mind's eye I can hear the boss' reaction to an employee's suggestion that one be erected.

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