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  1. Can you make this ring out of a pvc pipe. If so could you do a tutorial?


  2. Don't like the knocks the way you did it. I had to cut mine flat and domit different. After a few shots my string didnt even stay in spot

  3. He Nick ….. Everytime I make a recurve bow on stove top …. I string it and whenever I shoot it … The limb collapses …. What do you think I am doing wrong?

  4. Yesterday I made a PVC bow for the first time, and came across a lot of trouble with things not working quite the way I wanted it to. If I'd seen this BEFORE I made my bow, I think it would have saved me alot of trouble.
    I'm glad there's at least one person who can properly explain how to make a PVC bow.

  5. thanks to you, i'm having fun with archery. i made a pvc recurve bow out of one inch sched 40 like this youth bow, only, i used the demensions for the adult bow. i also make my own wooden dowel arrows.it's enough for my recreational shooting. πŸ™‚

  6. how can i less the recurve? i mean it has too much recurve like the nock is pointing downwards how can i make it like a slight curve?

  7. Hi Nick, thanks for the nice tutorial, could someone boil the PVC ends in order to recurve it instead to use a heat gun, or this would ruin the matterial ?

  8. I just started making pvc bows, sometimes when I flatten them, the center is flatter than the edges and it has a "u" shape inside, why is that?

  9. Love your videos, been checking them out for a while and entered and exited the world of PVC bows earlier today. Made 4 out of various diameters of PVC I had already (1", 3/4", and 1/2"), flattened recurves… And all went well until stringing. no matter what I did, no matter which bow, the strings all wanted to pull back around to the front of the recurve… Tapered ends with v-notch nocks. After about two hours of this I gave up. How do you prevent this when both sides look straight to each other?

  10. So I finished making one of these. it wasn't perfect (being my first attempt) but it works fine enough. the only problem is that since I am just new to archery it's draw weight is a little too heavy for my comfort zone. My draw length is 30" and I was hoping to make a bow that would pull at around 25 lbs until I am more comfortable. how would I reduce the draw weight enough?

  11. I was wondering if I could use 1/2" PVC to make a light weight bow for my four year old son.

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  13. Hi! I made this bow 1" sch 40 60". It is very good looking, BUT I could hardly string it up, and impossible to shoot with it. I don't know where is the issue, but it very very heavy/strong (I don't know the right word). Can anyone help with it?

  14. when you talk about 3/4" schedule 40 pipe is that the area of the inside of the pipe. we are metric here. That looks like about 25mm outside diameter or 1"?

  15. hi!. is anyone can say me all sizes please ( lenght, pipe thickness, diam. ext) i don't understand all words in vidΓ©o !. thanks from france !.

  16. Anyone know if it's possible to use bankline, otherwise known as tarred twine, as a cheap and simple bow string on the fly? I know how to make bowstring, but that takes a while. And my #36 bankline knocks an arrow perfectly.

  17. Whats the Draw weight at 28''?

    I need a bow which cannot exceed 25# at 28'''. I assume I can weaken it by lengthening the bow.

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