1. What if I do sets/reps one week, and circuit training the next week? I'm only 150lbs, but I don't want to get too big nor be too small. I just want to be lean and in shape.

  2. Hi. New to this channel and calisthenics in general. Just wondering, can you do both styles alternately? As in, circuits on Monday and sets & reps on Tuesday and so forth?

  3. Another incredible video! I have to say I always choose sets and reps over circuits I just find it way more enjoyable!

  4. Youโ€™ve become one of my favorites bro ! Youโ€™re like authentic , you have your own ways lol UNIQUE! Hope to see more and more videos

  5. Can you do so many reps until you can only do 6-12 reps or you need to do 6-12 reps without exhausting yourself?

  6. Started on about Tuesday, not very hard, but I can already see teency weency differences. Do have a bit of fat, but it is all around the hips! Does HIIT help with that as well? Anyway, good video by the way!

  7. Everybody say that set and reps are the best, but I see black beast (shredda for example) that are building insane muscle mass with circuits. How can you explain this? , because im not understanding๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

  8. What is this when I don't count reps and don't do circuits? For example I do several push-us after some squats and other exercises and I switching their order

  9. Thx so much for this video bro! I'm trying to build muscle after wrestling season and gain weight. I've been cutting weight all wrestling season lol.

  10. True! Although the guidelines in literature, says that "6-12 reps" is the way to go to build muscle, you have to be able to have a really good away to increase the difficulty of the exercise ((+/- 70-85% load) if you only use bodyweigth (which, sometimes is harder) and you're not a beginner; I believe you can build muscle in a various ways, by varying your training and changing it, even most when you are a beginner. You just have to experiment in your body and don't limit yourself to one way of training ๐Ÿ‘Š

  11. The thing that sets you apart from practically every other fitness channel on YouTube is how realistic you are, you don't spout any bullshit, it's very helpful keep at it bro

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