19 Replies to “How To Build – Washer Board (Redneck Horseshoes)”

  1. cool game but washer boards are 14×14 boards with walls of 6" and pvc in the middle. this is a different game

  2. Go to woodprix website if you'd like to know how to make it easy. Good solution for every woodworker.

  3. Would you mind putting the dimensions of the wood/lumber, holes and washers in the description or respond here? Thanks!! I am going to try to make these for my hubby's 50th birthday party.

  4. good video ! maybe I can help with finding 2 12 and , 3" washers look at ace and any full service hardware store that sells nuts and bolts also Lowe's & home depot can order them most of ace stores stock them just for this just ask

  5. I got one built, but used a little more stronger wood & 2×6 pieces of wood for a more sturdy frame. However, what kind of washers do you use? The hardware stores (Lowe's & Depot) only have 2" diameter washers. Online, they sell replacement 2.5" washers. Most home-made dimensions ask for 3" (or larger) washers. What size do you use?

  6. Great game but not a big fan of these boards. I played on some boards that the holes were evenly spaced and didn't have that huge runway to land on at the front like these do and were about a foot shorter. Another pretty cool idea I've seen is attaching some type of tether to the front of the boards so you don't have to measure out the distance every time you play. Just have a strap or tether or whatever cut to length and you don't have to worry about getting the boards spaced properly.

  7. Great video. It's a good idea to put chains on the end of the wood to keep the boards spaced out accurately while playing. Also, secure bags inside the holes so you don't have to lift up the boards every time (Crown Royal bags work great).

  8. This is a great game to play. My uncle built one some time ago and brought it to our reunion. It was fun to play. He gave me the instructions, but I had lost them. Thank you for the video.

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