How To Change 4 Types of Septum Jewelry | Clickers, Horseshoes, Segment + Seamless Rings

How To Change 4 Types of Septum Jewelry | Clickers, Horseshoes, Segment + Seamless Rings

hello um I said that I would film this video a year ago and then I didn't for no reason actually there was a reason and it's that I have have really really bad eyesight so whenever I change my jewelry or I have to be right up close to a mirror like really close because I don't wear my glasses because I'm an idiot and I had tried to film this a couple times before but it was always like the camera would be here and I would be down here like in the mirror so that's why this video never got filmed but it's filmed now so today I'm gonna be showing you how to insert and remove four different types of septum rings I will put all the types here as well as timestamps so you can just skip to the one you want to watch you don't have to watch this whole thing I don't really care that much but if this was helpful to you I do beg that you give the video a thumbs up because it helps me out a lot and maybe subscribe to my channel if you haven't already because I would love for you to stick around I'm getting better and keeping my word and making videos that I said I was going to make this isn't a great example since it's a year late but whatever okay let's jump into it first I'm gonna show you how to insert these circular or horseshoe or about first thing you want to do is unscrew one of the balls on the ends and then locate your piercing if you're new to this you can usually see it if you push up the tip of your nose after you've actually located your piercing you're just gonna want to push the bar through that little hole the way that mine is my ball is internally threaded and my bar is externally threaded sometimes this is the other way around that's completely okay the premise is the same but you're just going to want to match up those threads and screw that on you can use pliers or the tool that body kandi has for it but once it's on there just make sure the balls are nice and tight and you're good to go once it's in you do have to remove it eventually so this is how I do it I like to turn mine on its side I don't know why it just makes it easier for me to get the balls on and off when it's turned sideways but I'd like to put on some gloves so that I have a little bit more grip and then just give it a good twist once I feel it loosening up I usually take my gloves off that way I just have a better feel for how loose it is or not so that I don't drop the ball I did it anyway but that's beside the point once you have the ball off just go ahead and twist it right out of your face now we're going to be looking at the hinged segment rings I think is what these are called they are perfectly round and they have a little hinge that you can open them up to actually get them in your face I like to take the part with the most surface area and shove that through once you actually have it in there just go ahead and close it and give it a good squeeze until you hear that pop and then it is in your face and you're ready to go this is actually my favorite piece of jewelry but you got to take it out eventually so I like to throw on some gloves to give me a better grip and give it a good tug until it opens up these ones usually aren't that difficult but some of them have a better grip than others it's all down to the jewelry but once you actually have it open enough to get it out of your nose you just twist it until it's out now we are moving on to the seamless rings I believe is what these are called these have a little opening that you can twist to create a larger opening for them to get in your nose highly recommend twisting instead of pulling it open because it's going to be way easier to actually bend it back into place afterwards but yet like before just feed that part through your nose and then you're gonna want to twist it back into place which is pretty difficult this looks like it hurts but it doesn't it's just like it's really hard to bend a piece of metal that's hanging out of your nose I don't really like wearing these ones because they're really hard for me to put in but that's beside the point I'm gonna show you how to remove them now the premise is exactly the same where you're just gonna want to bend it so that opening is large enough and then remove it from your nose this can take a while and I would highly highly recommend doing this before you have put your makeup on because I took all the makeup on my nose off in the process make sure that you opened it up enough cuz I didn't open it up quite enough while I did this and ended up scratching my nose a little bit so yeah be careful next we're gonna move on to clickers which are in my opinion some of the hardest to remove these have a straight bar on the top that is on a hinge and it has a notch that it clicks into when they're in your nose you can't see them at all you can't see what you're doing to remove them so they're a little harder but to get these in you're just gonna want to feed that bar through your hole as usual it I didn't realize that I already had it in my nose I guess I thought I missed it but I didn't but after I get it in there I like to just get my finger nail up there and try to push sometimes this is hard to but it all depends on the jewelry you'll know it's in when you hear that little click these are super super cute but if you want them out it isn't our deal so keep that in mind to get them out first step drink for courage and pull out your secret weapon the bobby pin I like to stick this up underneath the bar and give it a good upward pressure this also takes a while I would also recommend doing this before you do your makeup or you'll look like this I was getting pretty frustrated at this point I ended up putting up my hair up and taking another drink for courage right here you can see a little bit better what I'm doing when it finally clicks open it's just a little jarring to hear like that click and have that quick upward pressure of the bobby pin flying into your brain I don't necessarily know if this is the safest way to do it so proceed at your own risk I guess okay thank you guys so much for watching I hope this was helpful for you like I said at the beginning if you liked it don't forget to leave it alike and just give me the little boots just help me out a little bit you can comment down below and add in your tips because this is just how I do it and everybody's different and some things work better for other people and that's okay so if you're free to comment your stuff down below do you keep in mind that you can go to your piercer and have them change out your jewelry usually for free if I do that I always just toss them a 5 anyway just as a tip but you can go to your piercer for most things and have them change it for you or take it out for you if you're having trouble they have all the tools to do it and can probably do it a lot easier than you can at home but if you're like me and you live about 25 minutes from your piercing shop it's easier to do at home and just like to learn how so thank you guys so much for watching I love you so so much let me know what you want to see next and I will see you in the next video bye

37 Replies to “How To Change 4 Types of Septum Jewelry | Clickers, Horseshoes, Segment + Seamless Rings”

  1. I am such an idiot. I had such issues with that perfectly round segmented ring and I never thought to have the bigger part in my nose instead of the smaller part

  2. I have occasionally tried to remove my horseshoe since like February to change it into a clicker and it’s so frustrating how I technically know how it should be done but it just doesn’t want to unscrew, I guess it’s just super tight! I’ve thought I’m going to ask my piercer to take it out when I’m having my next piercing but that moment just seems to move further and further all the time and I’m slowly starting to get frustrated 😂

  3. i have the same clicker and it is a BITCH to get in and out, i ended up making my nose bleed trying to take it out

  4. just use a bobby pin to push up the bar of the clicker in your nose, super easy to open it yourself. U will never go to a Piercer again to remove it after you done it yourself in a minute.^^

  5. Clickers are great after the hinge starts to open/close easily. It's slightly annoying to pull, so I tend to move it to the side and then pull since it opens easier. Also, I never was able to use hinge piercings, they were impossible to open and close 😭

  6. I just got my septum done Saturday, and ive wanted it for 4 years. Thank you for your videos! And helping with facts and how to change jewelry!!

  7. I've had my septum piercing for about 4 months now and the first time i got it changed the ,,click,, from the segment ring sounded and felt like it's never gonna open again. Welp.

  8. I pierced my septum yesterday.. (I had it pierced a year ago than a few months later I took it out, a week ago a girl pierced me too low… So yeah, I repierced it myself.) And I swear to god I will not wear clickers xd They always seemed hard and painful…

  9. this is sooooo helpful😍i'm getting septum piercing next week,and I thought the clicker is the easiest..

  10. Everyone makes changing a septum ring look easy but I’m over here freaking out cuz I’ve tried everything and the balls wont come off…am I turning the wrong ball? Am I turning them the wrong way to loosen them? HELP

  11. I just my first piercing (septum) 3 weeks ago and this was very helpful, to the point and entertaining. Thank you! Btw I love love love all your looks

  12. Absolutely loved your first video on Septum piercings! And this video has sealed the deal for me. A Septum piercing is definitely going to be my next piercing. Thank you for making these! Also followed. You are a pleasure to watch and explain things really well. 😊

  13. Ive always wanted to have a face piercing but ive never been able to because of the places i used to work at but now because i work at walmart i can get a piercing where ever the hell i want😂

  14. I JUST got my septum pierced like last week, so I won’t be doing this for a while. But as far as the clicker goes, do you think having long-ass acrylics will suffice for a Bobby-pin? 🤣

  15. I'm also not a huge fan of the ones you have to twist. Pliers help to bend it back but I hate that they always have a tiny gap

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