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  1. Make sure it is warm? Cold glues are HARDER to tear apart…? And Thank you… still looking to buy such a racket/bat for my boy.

  2. Almost every time I change my rubber the sponge rips or tears 😭 is there any way to avoid damage when taking of the rubber so I can reuse it?

  3. Excellent video! Can you provide the exact name of the glue applicator (cylindrical sponge) you bought on Amazon? Thx!

  4. Hi, is there a reason you use black rubber T05 for forehand because I see a lot of paddles with red T05 for forehand glued to the side of the paddle where is description of paddle, name model serial etc… Probably it doesn't matter which side of paddle is used for FH and BH.

  5. you lost me as a viewer within 45 seconds for the horrible framing. I HEARD the rubber being peeled cut could not see it.

  6. I'm not going to continue watching this video because until second minute your hand and racket aren't inside the frame and can't see anything, just a sound which is so annoying

  7. Nice stuff man. But i noticed one thing. Blade made the sponge bleed a little from the edges. I face the same problem. Is there any blade out there that goes through rubber n sponge like knife through butter?

  8. If i buy rubbers online from this website https://www.megaspin.net/store/default.asp?pid=sanwei-ap-lightwei
    will i have to put in 2 orders or does the shipment contain 2 rubbers already?

  9. hey friend can I change the rubber from a wakaba 2000, I dont know because i bought it on a store and I dont want to make shit my paddle please answer me thanks.

  10. 松平健太ALC買ったんですがテナジー05か80をフォアにバックはロゼナをはろうと思ってますがどうですか?

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  12. Why don't we re-spray or repaint top coating for the expensive rubber? The sport industry is not honest.

  13. ラバー貼りとてもうまいです!カッターを使うとこを参考にしたいと思いました。

  14. Hello,
    I have an issue where the red rubber is coming away from the yellow sponge.
    would taking the red up and applying glue to the yellow work?
    or would I need to buy a whole new red rubber and yellow sponge?
    any help would be much appreciated

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