how to correctly Erect, install six 6' foot white vinyl privacy fence – fencing options

how to correctly Erect, install six 6' foot white vinyl privacy fence – fencing options

in this particular video this is going
to show you six-foot privacy vinyl fencing this particular privacy fencing
is tongue and groove panel between a life together I'll show you real briefly
what the install Trek is on this first thing you want to note is when you look
down the line if your reel completely down the line you'll see that all toes
are in sync with one another as perceived by a string line and one of
the biggest things I could tell you with any kind of wood or vinyl fencing a lot
of people under misconception you have to install it in wet cement you don't
use dry cement with a spear pick spear pick actually packs it down for six
inches as a whole is the most important part to be packed because that's going
to keep that post from rocking left and right and tilting over I can't tell you
how many homes you can just stay in here look around and see the poster all
crooked whacked out of style there's one right over there I'll show you real
quick okay make sure I get this for you we don't have a full view here it's too
far long story short you want to make sure everything is done correctly anyway
when you dig your hole you level off your post and then simply what you do is
you take a sixty to eighty pound bag of dry cement you put six inches on the
bottom just han't the packet to keep sphere packing it could be a broomstick
anything you just keep packing it packing it packing it add some more
cement packets more add more cement packets more it's all dry by the time
you're done that particular post you can build off of it it's rock solid you'll
never move it what Mother Nature will do is Mother Nature will cure that post
over the course of a month and I'll turn that dry powder well packed cement in
the high dense cured concrete and this way you won't have to worry about it and
there's the easy example is when you slam a gate host doesn't move you always get a
little vibration on the fence as I wiggle it that's normal but you want it
to come right back to where it's supposed to be that's normal that's the
natural vinyl as with anything unless the more length you add the more
flexibility there is so here's a look at the inside line
there's all the way down you pan up the long side of the fence the nice straight
shot and let across the back and what I recommend you do is you try to contour
with the ground good thing about vinyl is if you have to sit it right on the
grass it's okay it's not going to rot you don't want to sit it on the grass to
the point where it's popping your post up so you want to be kind of right there
there's always an implied sag with vinyl as time progresses and the Sun heats it
up it will actually sway bow to the center in a downward position so if
you're actually on the ground you're actually benefitting by it because it
will keep your panels from from falling then you'll have a couple areas here
that you might have a little bit of fill that's nothing more than just rake out
some additional dirt into it as particular job here for the panel post
replacement what you see in vinyl was exactly here in Woodstock a defense
which was dilapidated and falling so as a bonus we gave this particular
homeowner a second key the side yard access that the ordinarily
would not have you

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  1. You do have to wet set vinyl regardless of packing it vinyl is slick and the posts are hollow and as the temperature changes it will frost heave as the years go by

  2. What are the pros and cons of vinyl? Is aluminum fencing preferable? Aside from privacy, I want to use it as shading for plants.

  3. How close together should double swinging vinyl gates be from one another when closed? The wind pushes my gates open with locking hardware and a pad lock as well,you can literally push on it and the fence bows and bends and comes right out of the bar thats supposed to keep it shut.

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