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  1. My opponent's backhand topspin is too strong, not to mention it was a Timo Boll ALC blade with Tenergy Rubber. What do I do?

  2. Sometimes even players play a very slow high arc top spin loop which has absolutely no spin at all on to the backhand and staying close to the table does become difficult for me as I instinctively blocks which goes in the net. What I should do

  3. Hi, Do you have a video demonstrating how to return serves with spins for penhold grip players? I am a penhold grip player.

  4. Very useful video. I do feel that in a match if the topspin is at the end of table then block should be done passively ie soft hands but if it lands inside the table then should be punched while if heavy topspin trajectory is low then should be counter topspin

  5. I have a friend that is a forehand dominant player. He alwasy uses his forehand and rarely uses his backhand. He puts lots of topspin on his shots but doesnt make the "looping" affect of the ball. His shots r also very fast and come to the deep end of the table. How do i beat him??

  6. very well done. You covered all aspects of a topspin block/punch/topspin. This was superb. All hail to you.

  7. Great video Guys! shows three really good options and progressive responses. One thing advanced players my take for granted that could be helpful here would be mentioning how important it is to saying down, not move you head a bunch, or not tensing up or be surprised by the change of pace when receiving this shot. especially for middle lel and beginners. One big reason why slow spiny topspin shots are effective in game play (besides it's heavy spin) is because its a change of pace from a more direct topspin shot. It can break the rhythm of play. Mid lel and beginner myself included really need to stay down and relaxed if the want to have any type of consistency at any of the three options. Pretty basic I know but Still worth mentioning.

  8. I play against an opponent that gives me a slow heavy topspin shot that just drops over the net and doesn't bounce up. Since it's so low I have to block it up slightly to go over the net. Then it goes off the table. I've never been able to counter that shot and miss every time. I can't think of anything that I can do to return the shot. if I block it lower it goes into the net.

  9. Wouldn't some kind of chop also be a nice respond to a slow spinny topspin? Or is that more of a full defence kind of play which gives you no more options in the following balls apart from going full defence

  10. I looked up this tutorial because I got killed tonight by a guy who threw me spiny topspin loops. Every time I made contact the ball flew over the table. Some of my shots got close to landing on the table but none actually landed. It was so frustrating. I played him off the table, but now I'm going to try you guys techniques and step in closer to handle the topspin. Thanks guys!!

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