32 Replies to “How To Develop An Aggressive Backhand – Table Tennis University”

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  2. Terrible explanation. I think what he was trying to say was increase the length of stroke. A,B,C's A= where the bat starts, B= contact point and C= where the bat finishes. If you extend the length of stroke then you increase the ability to achieve bat speed. Bat speed is one ingredient to achieve the goal of more power

  3. it's amazing how much the different plastic balls have made these ideas (and even the technique) almost obsolete. Banana flick for the win.

  4. I enjoyed the video. I'm getting back into the sport. It's easy to listen to the instructions but you have to practice, practice, practice. Just my thoughts

  5. Your video is so good that I can be easy to understand your statements. Besides, I suggest that you can draw some red lines to show us how to make the power and the directions. Thanks very much.

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