How To Do A Bicycle Kick In Soccer Football

How To Do A Bicycle Kick In Soccer Football

hey what's going on Dylan to be the Soccer Central's in this video I'm going to teach you how to do a bicycle kick the biggest thing when going for a bicycle kick is your mentality you have to be brave you have to be ambitious and you have to be willing to throw yourself at the ball I'd recommend that you start simply by throwing the ball up in the air and trying to bicycle kicking you're going to lead with one leg and then your other foot is going to come through the ball okay but again you just really have to go for don't think about it too much just keep trying be alright with failing but learn from every attempt if you want to score that big amazing goal in that big game you're gonna have to put in the practice on your own so when you're practicing to home be worried about her in your butt you're going to fall bunch of times but again it's about being brave it's about being courageous putting your body on line for that goal point for this bicycle kick really focus on getting the laces to the middle of the ball even more so you want to try to direct the ball downwards if you were hitting the ball too low it's just going to go over the net every time so I would much rather you put the ball into the ground make it difficult for the keeper then putting it over the net make sure you were following me on Facebook and Twitter Dylan to be at Dylan to be on Twitter come back tomorrow I'm going to do a new video make sure you are on my email list getting free weekly tips from me you can do that by going to my website and filling in that opt-in form come back tomorrow keep training hard keep staying positive and good things are coming to you

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  1. The first time I did it, I jumped way too high and fell bad, hahaha. The second time was a minute after, and that wasn't good either, but did it on the 3rd time.

  2. I did a bicycle in a match we won with 3 – 1. I did the 2nd goal with bicycle and 3rd with rainbow flick. Thanks for your tutorial… : )

  3. It's to easy . I did it within 2 days . In this world nothing is available that you can't do . Practice makes man perfect do everything with heart you don't be scared be confident no ones bones are going to broke whatever you do , do with heart God will definitely help

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