How to do a CODY on Trampoline! (Tutorials Week #2)

How to do a CODY on Trampoline! (Tutorials Week #2)

what's up guys I'm in pajamas and today I'm going to be teaching you guys how to do the Cody the reason that I'm going to be doing it on this trampoline is so the spring pad won't fly up in the way whenever I'm trying to teach you guys so let's get right into it now the Cody is a little bit different than most tricks because it's really hard to build a momentum whenever you start from nothing you're starting on your stomach you can't really throw your arms because you know you just have them out in front of you now there's two ways to start doing the Cody you can do a belly flop into it or you can do a backflip into it this is what the belly flop looks like and it's what the back hook looks like as you can see my knees are always like this 90 degree angle with my feet like this you do this so that your feet don't get in the way and that you can get more spin off of it because you can't do it Cody if your legs are like this you just can't do it so that's the first thing the first thing you've got to be able to do is land on your stomach now this can seem kind of scary I guess I don't know it took me a while to do it back when I was trying to learn a Cody but it's really easy you just got to trust yourself landing on your stomach it doesn't hurt at all it's different for everybody but I like doing the backflip into it because I think he gives me more momentum practice doing backflips like this onto your knees and then whenever you feel comfortable do a back flip and land on your stomach second thing don't try to land like this and like push off your arms you're not going to be doing any pushing off your arms it's just going to mess you up that does not give you any momentum it's not doing like a castaway off the Tramp or anything all your momentum is gonna come from you just bouncing off your stomach and going straight back up pulling your legs over your head only do a Cody real fast to show you guys what it should look like now as you can see I didn't push off my hands my legs are at 90 degrees and then I just took the momentum grab my legs pulled right over my head it's just like a back flip imagine your whole torso or your feet and you're just doing a back foot what helped me is doing it on top of pads I would bring out cushions and do them on top of that I don't know why it helped me kind of pointless but it helped me out the biggest thing is committing because it's going to feel like you're not going to get any spin and you might not get very much spin your first time but just trust that you're going to make it over and you probably will a lot of people have trouble doing CODIS and they're Kody that they're doing right now looks something like this and they just can't get the momentum or whatever and the problem with this is just you're not committing you're not driving with everything you have watch this right now okay it's all in committing you can't just grab your leg and expect to do a backflip it's not it's not just like a regular backhoe you've got to commit and you've got to just pull I mean look you can do a kodi from nothing simple is that if you're one of the people that does not feel comfortable doing a backflip into it you're gonna have to get a little bit more height than normal people would because you're not going to have as much momentum usually I'll just do one looking forward now so I can show you guys that don't feel comfortable doing a back foot so guys this trick is actually really easy once you just do it once you realize how stupid it was of you to be scared of it that's pretty much it guys follow those steps commit and I promise you you'll be able to do a Cody in no time leave it like if you enjoyed really helps me out a lot subscribe for videos and I'm doing a kaboom tutorial tomorrow so stay tuned for that I'm out

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  1. I can always land on my stomach good but when I try to bounce off my stomach and tuck Idk how to pull up with enough force someone pls help

  2. IDK why but this is the scariest trick for me. I've done way harder stuff but something in me just says "nope" at the thought of this trick.

  3. I started by getting used to landing on my stomach because i used to think it hurt landing on my stomach, then i warmed up by doing backflips off of my knees, then over time started getting to my stomach and doing the cody

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