How to do a surface 360 on a wakeboard

How to do a surface 360 on a wakeboard

a surface 360 is a great looking trick as well as one of the prerequisites to learning how to do a wake to wake 360 before you get started you will need to be able to consistently do frontside and backside surface 180s after you have these down it is just a simple matter of stringing them together for a frontside 180 lean away from the boat on your heels and slide your back foot around to the front be careful not to catch your front edge for a backside 180 you will start leaning back against the pull of the rope so that you are leaning away from the boat and do not get pulled over towards the end of the trick reach around your back with your outside hands and grab the handles as you do so twist your hips and start to bring your back hook around to the front another reason to lean away from the boat during the whole trick just so that you won't catch your back edge during the spin bring your head around last look towards the boat and right away for the surface 360 start with a front side surface 180 set your axis away from the boat and then carry your momentum around into the backside 180 don't try to grab the rope too early wait until your board has initiated the backside 180 it's all about timing and getting the grab right may take a few tries

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  1. my board has 2 fins on the front and back of my board, my board is the ronix 2017 district
    can you still do this, im afraid that i will face plant as soon as the board turns due to the fins
    Can you let me know if i can ???

  2. The pain last for up to 4 days. I hade a strong headache for 4 days. If i remember correctly. But i know it was atleast 4 days with a banging head.

  3. I tryed a surface 360 but when i hade my healside towards the boat i catched my healside edge in the water and got slamed backwards on my head in to the water. I whent to bed fell asleap and was compleately gone for 19 houres. Lets just say i did not get to work that day. Man that was the hardest crash I have ever had on a wakeboard.

  4. I just started wakeboarding about a month ago. I have a liquid force board and it has a removable center fin. Should I remove this fin to learn tricks? It seems like it would get caught on the water

  5. I had a huge board starting out (ebay)… its really a lot easier on a larger surface! my reverse 180s consisted of just hanging on w/ a 143cm cwb pure and letting the rope pull me around the end of the spin.. now i have a board that fits me but its a little more difficult

  6. yes, when you lean away from the boat they should come out of the water. It is easier to learn to slide your board around without fins though.

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