23 Replies to “How to do a tantrum cable wakeboarding”

  1. When I try to do the Tantrum, each time I land to revert, any tips for landing to revert or NOT to land to revert?

  2. im a beginner…just started, my friend sai he could do a tantrum so I searched it up…any tips?

  3. how do you know when the best time to the tantrum cause if you do it to early you can hit your head on the kicker but if you do it to late then you can land head first into the water. so when is the best timing to back flip?

  4. how tall are you? Im 6'4" so i cant backflip on the ground. I know being short helps, but you seem relatively tall

  5. one of the best tuts so far, just wanna know if i should pump during flip or just…flip ๐Ÿ˜›

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