49 Replies to “How to Do an Axe Kick | Taekwondo Training”

  1. Im confused i've never gone to any martial arts class but i'm absurd at all these kicks my kicks are really hard and i'm really good at a high balancing kick staying in that kick stance for 1min so ….

  2. Not a very effective kick on a standing opponent. E=mgh. Your kick will deliver far more energy if they're kneeling, or better yet, grounded.

  3. Literally the dumbest martial arts move in the world. Besides grabbing the gun barrel in a disarm.

  4. im a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo and this is one of the most powerful kicks you will learn, use it wisely

  5. thats actually a stretch kick.. an axe kick is when you bend your knee on your way up and snap down. still a very good kicker though.

  6. the axe kick is hard to do fully if u can't stretch your leg so far up yet. That's what's stopping most beginners or those who aren't that flexible yet (therefore can't do entire splits yet) from having their kicks rise up all the way up to their heads.
    Imo regular stretching exercises and warm-ups are very important to properly succeed in doing the axe-kick and pretty much all other kicks in taekwondo.

    And if you strain the muscles behind your knees is it better to apply heating pads or cooling pads?

  7. i did this to my friend in school,i said: ''Hey dude,i found an awesome move,wanna see?'' i knocked him out,i got suspended for 1 week ;-;

  8. I did an axe kick to a guy who was on all fours missed his his spine and I ended up breaking 3 of his ribs

  9. Don't use this kick unless needed to. It's dangerous and can knock someone out. It's even illegal in tournaments.

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