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  1. Will this past few days I'm studying how to be flexible 😂😂 and I can say that the butterfly possession is the easiest among all of them!!😂😂😂

  2. I'm 13 and currently interesting in learning tae kwon do, i might try joining tae kwon do classes on summer but i'm trying to learn on my own for now, and lemme tell you. I'm not flexible 😂 i can't even do any of these correctly but i'll try i guess

  3. I use to do tkd as a kid and we did all of these to warm up and it was so easy but nowww not so much, it came with time tho

  4. Hi and gane. This sport called Taekwondo, but it has got lots of different
    clothing and different forms with different movements. About 22 years
    ago my teacher gave me yellow belt and then I left that country and he
    told me that the clothing for our school is black V neck and white top
    and bottom, while belts are in different colour and our system is called
    poomsae only (poomsae). I want to restart, but I am confused which one
    to use as to be accordingly to my yellow belt as there are lots of
    usfule lessons on youtube. Thanks.

  5. 🤔 i can do all 😛 it came in handy to be flexible in my karate class … Some get force to go down or tuch

  6. He may have farted at 2:11 but it doesn't change the fact that he's much more flexible than most of you guys(*´∇`*)

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