31 Replies to “How To Electric Fence for Bears”

  1. Thanks for all the info . After looking at all models I was wondering what strenght I needed for my hives. Thanks to this video I will get something that will keep bears away .

  2. Rather general ok video but took 2 mins to get to the point. I'm frustrated that no charger I've look at is rated in volts, only joules, so the 1.0 joule advice is useful.

  3. If I am only fencing a small area, will using a more powerful energizer result in a more powerful shock? Fence is for bears

  4. If only all YouTube videos were done this well. Helpful, complete and well delivered. Excellent!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated.

  5. Fantastic video. Just what I needed to create an enclosure for bear-proof bird feeders! Many thanks for creating it from a fellow YouTuber that's got 600+ videos up. I know how much time it takes!

  6. Do you suggest aluminum wire or high tensile wire for bears? I read that aluminum is 4 times more conductive, but high tensile steel is a lot stronger? I will be using this to protect beehives from black bears.

  7. In addition to these measures, I think it is important that conservation societies and government parks departments, should work to keep wild areas replete with their food sources, instead of destroying their food sources.

  8. Yes this fence may work for these bears, but Winnie The Pooh will fucking those fences up to get his honey out of those hives.

  9. when you added hot wires to preexisting metal mesh fencing, are you connection the ground to the mesh fencing and making it the ground?

  10. Wonderful video. Thanks! I've used electric fences for garden protection for decades, and still picked up several useful tips here.

  11. We live in the mountains (8,700' elevation), and we had a large black bear (which is actually cinnamon colored).
    Do you have any ideas for:
    1. How to deter the bears to dig under the fence?
    2. We get about 8' of snow during the winter. How to build something strong enough to withstand the snow loads and drifts without having to remove the fencing during the winter?

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  13. Hi:I have a crawl space access door and bear breaks the door and goes into the crawl space.  Do you know how I can install electric fence for the door to keep the bear out?

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